08 May 2011

It's a Cinco de Mayo Miracle.

Okay, so the Cinco de Mayo Miracle actually happened on Cinco de Mayo. I dropped an English muffin with sunflower butter, and while it ended up sunflower butter-side down, I didn't get anything on my clothes. I consider that a win.

I was annoyed that my siblings decided to go the farm Friday to spend some time with Mom for Mother's Day. It was the first nice Friday in forever, and I wanted to have an impromptu deck-drinking session. But I guess it was better to get it out of the way so I didn't have to leave The Boy I Currently Like's place early today. Plus, I got in some dog-petting time.

And who wouldn't want to pet this spaz? (My forearms still bear scratches from her spazzy love.)

Aside from dog petting, the trip home was more lame than not. The restaurant we went to Friday night was fucking terrible. But then I went out and got drunk with my brother and SIL. And my cousin and other random people.

My evening with The Boy was delightful, as always. I did karaoke Friday night and sang more with Rock Band last night. We watched a pretty disappointing Saturday Night Live. Honestly -- you can't do better with Tina Fey hosting? Sweet Christ.

Now today, I feel like I was super-productive. I did laundry. I washed my sheets, mattress pad and pillow covers and flipped my mattress. All of my windows were open at one point today. I did some cooking (Moroccan Stewed Chicken and quinoa) to have lunch for this week. I probably did some other stuff, but I'm forgetting now.

Oh! I got caught up on The Killing last week, and tonight, I watched it as it was on. Fancy! Honestly, if you have AMC, you should be watching this show. It's got a Twin Peaks-vibe (a murdered high school girl with a secret life in the Pacific Northwest), but it's not nearly as weird. Still, it's a great show. The acting is the best I've seen on TV in a very long time.

I'm starting to feel like I'm babbling (maybe I should have noticed that earlier). I should get ready for bed. This is my second consecutive weekend NOT working. That is all kinds of awesome. And I'm distracted by Wild Russia, so I'm gonna sign off.

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