16 May 2011


Man, Chicken Little was trying to bring me down today. But I wouldn't let him. At least not today. I had such a delightful time yesterday at the Lyn Lake Street Festival, soaking up some sun, drinking beer and watching bands with my friends. It was so lovely.

I managed to not let his crazy get me down today. I am even fairly good-tempered about having to work tonight (I could have worked longer, but I forgot to send some stuff home). I had to do my laundry tonight because I didn't have enough quarters to do it yesterday before I went out drinking. Plus, I tweaked my knee at the gym (I think) yesterday and had to take a night off. So, you know, it was a good night to stay home and work.

This can't last, of course. He'll wear me down eventually. What can you do, though?

There's laundry to fold and stuff, so I should get doing that shit.

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