22 May 2011

Back to normal, just in time for work.

It took quite some time, but I finally feel okay. I got a good night's sleep, went to the gym and got my laundry and cooking done (though both took a bit of time). It was a nice change after my meltdown last night. And the meltdowns the days before that.

Local readers will likely know that there was a tornado in Minneapolis today. It hit the Northside pretty fucking hard. Which, of course, is just what North Minneapolis needs. I looked at the radar between getting home from the gym and getting in the shower, and it appeared I had a window of opportunity between the bad storm cells. While I was in the shower, the tornado warning sirens went off.

As I normally do, I didn't worry too much. Except, when I'm in the shower, things always sound horrible. So, it sounded horribly windy. I don't think it really was. All the activity was probably about five miles north and west of here and just got further away. Still, I think I've gotten a bit complacent living in the city.

Once again, I'm sitting here trying to write and getting distracted by everything and nothing. I should be shutting down and getting ready for bed. I didn't do as much work today I should have, but can you blame me? This week isn't supposed to be as horrible as last week. But last week wasn't supposed to be horrible, either. I just gotta buckle down and try to make it through. What else can I do?

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