17 April 2011

Sunday productivity.

I got shit done today.

Fed some hungry dogs at 7:00 this morning.
Got a bagel and coffee.
Finished my book.
Packed my shit.
Went to the gym.
Did my laundry.
Fed some hungry dogs again.
Went to the grocery store.
Made lentil sausage stew.
Did dishes.

I'm now blogging (obviously) and trying to clear some shit off my DVR. I was dogsitting for W&J this weekend. Their dogs are awesome. Though, they do kinda hog the bed. I had to kick them off last night so I could get some sleep. Other than that, they cracked me up quite a bit. The Boy I Currently Like enjoyed them quite a bit, as well.

This week at work might not be terrible. Though, it probably will be. It might be short, though. Should everything work out. But it probably won't. I'm gonna try to make it happen, dammit. I wanna see me some farm babies.

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