13 April 2011

Suck it, work.

I left after just a bit more than eight hours today to go to happy hour with Law Talkin' Gal for her birthday. And you know what? I'm not working now that I'm home, either. I'm going to read my book.

Apparently, I hit some sort of wall this afternoon after Chicken Little told me I should be working on two different things simultaneously. Never mind that doing so isn't possible. That's not even the point. Well, it is a little bit. The real point is that I can prioritize my work just fine, thankyouverymuch. I'm pretty sure the priority should be the thing due tomorrow and the thing due Monday? Well, that can wait until Thursday afternoon.

I'm not staying late tomorrow, either. I have dogs to feed and walk. And there is no way in hell I'm staying late Friday. I'm fucking leaving early. If I have to work over the weekend to make sure I can take next Friday off to go to the Zoo with The Boy I Currently Like, I'm going to leave "early" on Friday.

Now, I doubt this is an actual mindset change on my part. I think it's more that I've switched to some sort of self-preservation mode, temporarily. I'm going to try to make it permanent, but I don't know that it'll take.

Either way, I had some happy hour therapy tonight and I'll get some canine therapy tomorrow, so I think I'll be okay for the next several days, anyway. Small victories, and so on.

But enough of this blogging. I have a delightful book to read!


Bill From Gainesville said...

Just came by to gloat a little about the Rays beating the Twins tonight in the bottom of the tenth with Johnny damon's 2 run walk-off homer. Great Game!

Jess said...

I'd managed to forget about it after I did some more work (how appropriate to say such a thing on a "suck it, work" post). Thanks for the reminder.

Ugh. Bad pitchers. BAD!