29 April 2011

Stuff and junk.

I managed to get through a not-too-terrible week of work. For one thing, it was only four days. I even managed to leave work early today. Oh wait. I got to work earlier than normal, so I actually left on time. Fuck. Now I'm sad.

How I'm still up at this point is kinda beyond me. I stayed with my nephew last night because my sister is in Mexico and someone had to get my nephew off to school this morning. Of course, my sister and her friend had to leave at 4:20 this morning. I couldn't get to sleep, then I woke up when they got up. Somehow, I managed to get to sleep probably an hour after the cab left. Then, of course, there were geese honking outside at some time before the alarm went off. Quite a while before the alarm went off, in fact. Seriously?

So, I'm already started to ramble. That can't be good. I left work early to hit the Mall of America for a trip to Aveda, where I bought a bunch of face stuff and got double points. Then I went to MAC and recycled 18 items, so I got two eye shadows and a lip glass FOR FREE. Oh, MAC. You're awesome.

Wonder of wonders -- I bought a new purse, too. I've been looking for one for more than a year. I'm not sure I love it, but I certainly like it a lot.

I can't quite use the purse, though. Not yet. Because tomorrow I'm going to Craftstravaganza with W&J. What if I find a great bag there? I can't take that risk. I'll have to hold off using the new purse until after Craftstravaganza.

That's about all I've got. There's more to the weekend, of course. Hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like, more kids' basketball, more hanging out with the nephew ... You know, stuff and junk.

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