26 April 2011


This evening, KayGee and I went to Smart and Chic Beauty Lounge in Nordeast for a a makeup class. KayGee is going to be in S&M's wedding next month and had asked me to give her a tutorial on makeup. I gladly agreed, because ... well, I love makeup.

However, shortly after KayGee made her request, I saw this article in the Strib. I figured it would probably be better to get a professional to show her the ropes. And it wouldn't hurt me to get some pointers, either.

The experience was delightful. The space is lovely and funky. It's a very chill atmosphere. Oh, and there was wine! KayGee and I were the youngest attendees, but it was definitely a good group. Honestly, one of the women had such ridiculously great skin, it made me a little ill. Let's not forget that KayGee's ridiculously naturally beautiful. I got to impress everyone with my obscene amount of makeup, which was also nice.

KayGee thought I might be a bit bored, because I know quite a bit about makeup already. I felt a little like ... maybe I didn't get as much attention as everyone else. But then again, I didn't need it. I did get my lipstick fears addressed a little bit. I say a little bit because no matter what others say, I'm still hesitant to try to do a bold lip color. Julie, the makeup artist/instructor and all of the attendees thought I could pull off a bold lip color. I've shied away from them forever. But maybe I'll now have the guts to try it every now and again. Also, I tend to do dramatic eyes, which necessitates a more neutral lip.

But even if I didn't learn all that much that applies to me (the class was tailored to people who want a more natural look and I like people to know I'm wearing makeup -- that's the whole point!), I watched what Julie did to KayGee, so I can help her later. I paid attention to what she did for everyone else because a) I may want that myself some day and b) I can help other people with this knowledge.

It also forced me to go through my makeup and get rid of some things. I've now got to make a trip to MAC to turn in my recycling and get new lip glasses and eyeshadow. And maybe a bold lipstick. And then KayGee and I are going makeup shopping to get all of the items she needs for her new look. I mean, I only left tonight with a lip gloss and some boob tape. That's next-to-nothing!

So, if you want to learn more about makeup, I'd highly recommend the class at Smart and Chic Beauty Lounge. Shit, I'd go back and I don't really even need to learn all that much.

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angelsroy33 said...

I wish I could find a place like that in the area I live. I LOVE make-up and all the little tricks when applying. (Maybe I should've been a make-up artist.) You've made me start looking around! Thanks.