04 April 2011

It hasn't been nearly as long as I thought.

Whew. I thought I'd not blogged in almost a week. Turns out I only missed three days. And in my defense, those were weekend days. I really have tried to avoid thinking on the weekends as much as possible. Save for the work I did yesterday. Reading for pleasure doesn't count as reading, though, FYI.

So, baseball is back in swing and the Twins are 1-3. But it's early! They're on the road, and so on. I'm not worried. And I'm positively thrilled to see Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan on the field again. Though, Twitchy McSpazzerson certainly put us through the paces yesterday. Once the game was over, I turned to The Boy I Currently Like and said, "I don't know if I can handle a season full of drama like that." He concurred.

Tonight is also bittersweet because it's the last college hoops game of the season. I don't give a shit who wins (not true, actually, Butler is pissing me off and I want UConn to win), because I had won my money pool last weekend already. There will allegedly be a check on my desk tomorrow, but it's Office Douchebag running things and I don't even trust him as far as I can throw him. I heard him leaving his out-of-office message saying he was going to be out tomorrow through the rest of the week. Still, I know where he works. I'll make his life hell.

This week should be fairly non-terrible. My week is booked up workwise, but nothing is actually due this week. Save for the stuff I did today. That's all due tomorrow. Chicken Little was out today and it was heaven, y'all.

It will suck being cooped up in the office all week, though; it's supposed to be in the 50s all week. YAY. Oh, but that's not all. The Boy called this "The week of Jess," after I told him I have a massage and facial scheduled Thursday after work and I'm leaving early Friday to get my hair did and eyebrows waxed. (Eyebrow waxing side note: my stylist's salon switched to hard wax from soft wax. I like the soft wax much better. It's much more deliciously painful.)

I'm going to stop out at the farm, too, after my hair appointment. I'm in need of pork products and I miss the dog. I was all excited to get a free meal from the 'rents, too. Then I remembered it is Lent. That means no steak or anything else good. Mom is making shrimp alfredo. Oh well. It's free. And I'll get to pet the dog.

Honestly, I shouldn't be having dog withdrawal. I spent a week with my favorite CORGI! and then yesterday got a little time with Arlo and Jethro, who are my next dogsitting gig. I really like them a lot. A LOT. And I'm really glad I have friends with awesome dogs who go places and trust me to watch over their pets. (I just saw the Butler Bulldog, too, and "Aaaawwwwww"ed rather loudly. I'm hopeless Why can't UConn have a real Husky on the sideline?)

Anyway, that's the round-up, I guess. Stuff's goin' on and all that.

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