05 April 2011

I should have known it wouldn't last.

Things blew up at work today. At first it didn't directly affect me, but Chicken Little was losing his shit. That normally makes me lose my shit, but none of my deadlines had really changed. By the afternoon, however, I had new deadlines and new work. But I'm not yet panicking.

This morning, I got a call from one of our sales reps about a difficult client. Despite the fact that she is ridiculously tight with her money and asks questions that never have an answer, she loves what I'm doing for her. So much does she love my work that her company is going to up their contract when it comes up for renewal in the coming months. Color me shocked. I don't ever feel like I'm doing a good job because I have no time to work on her questions. But if she is happy, I am happy.

It was really nice to hear that because this afternoon, Chicken Little got an e-mail from another difficult client. She also asks questions that don't have good answers. They're huge questions with wide-ranging answers that would take days (possibly weeks, really) to do properly. So, I do the best I can with the time and resources available to me (not nearly enough of either). But she comes back, bitching and complaining and being all passive-aggressive. She asks questions instead of reading what we sent her, because, I have nothing to do other than go back over what I sent you and highlight the bullet points you couldn't read on your own and then repeat them in an e-mail. She also asks questions that are easily Googleable. But on her big, no-answer questions, she Googles that shit and sometimes finds the same information we did. I don't fucking get it.

Whatever. I'm not going to let it get me down or freak me out. At least not today. I'm not going to work tonight, either. I'm going to watch the end of the Twins game, then I'm going to shower and read my book. Suck it, work. I'll worry about you later. Probably over the weekend again. Fucking bullshit.

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