10 April 2011

I remember you.

It feels like forever since I last did my Sunday night cooking. I honestly can't even remember the last thing I might have cooked on a Sunday night. I've been eating sandwiches for lunch at work for weeks. Don't get me wrong -- I like sandwiches. Sometimes I even love them. But I do enjoy a bit of variety.

Not that I'm doing any real cooking tonight. I made some cornbread and now I've got brown rice on the stove. They'll be the accompaniments to my freezer clean-out. Shit's been falling out of my freezer every time I open it. That's my cue to eat the jambalaya, red beans, minestrone, chili and God knows what else is in there waiting to be eaten. That's probably about it ... if there are other things, they probably all freezer burned at this point.

Still, even though I only made cornbread and rice, I got that calming, centering feeling I get when I spend a few hours cooking on Sunday night. Suddenly, I feel a bit better about life.

Of course, I had to work today. I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. That's at least in part because I barely got any work done yesterday. That day got away from me. However, if I'm in bed by 1:00 and sleep until nearly 10:30, I'm just going to go ahead and assume my body needed it and leave it at that.

It's entirely possible this week won't be as bad as I have been thinking it would be. Even if work is bad, I'll be hanging out with some awesome dogs this weekend. (Side note: I've finally calmed down a bit about my parents' puppy news ... it took a while, though.) The weather is improving -- even the thunderstorms last night were delightful. They ended shortly after The Boy I Currently Like and I settled into bed. They stayed away all day, too. I'll admit -- I'm a little disappointed that by the time I got home from his place it was too cool to sit out on the deck and work. But it'll be better soon!

With my laundry done (though, there's some to fold yet), cornbread baked and dishes done, I can just plop my ass on the couch and read for a while before bed. This is just what I needed. Things are going to get better. I can feel it! I hope, anyway.

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