18 April 2011

Feels like playing hookey.

I left work a full hour early (actually, two hours, because I likely would have stayed late) today to go to my nephew's track meet. It felt positively decadent. It felt naughty. It felt like I was skipping out early.

Except none of those things are really true. I worked Sunday and another hour when I came home tonight, so it's not like I missed any work. It felt like I was getting away with something, though. Probably because Chicken Little is gone and not micromanaging me to motherfucking death.

I'll take the good feelings, though, because it's entirely possible I won't have the day off on Friday like I'd hoped/planned. Perhaps it's not terrible. It's supposed to rain, so that would kind of ruin our zoo trip. We just want to see some goddamn baby farm animals.

Not even gonna talk about the weather. I just fucking can't. I can only take so much at one time.

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