11 April 2011

As if work wasn't bad enough.

Tonight, I'm working on something that isn't for a client. There is no billable time involved. It isn't even for an internal client. No one is going to use this.

I'm working on a presentation for my teammates that will be presented during our team meeting this week. I've not listened to anything anyone else has done and to my knowledge, no one has used any of the techniques we've presented. Mostly because they don't apply to our work.

It's bad enough that I have to waste an hour or more of my work day sitting in this meeting. But having to spend time working on putting this presentation together when I'm already working late on work for clients ... Jesus H. Christ, I fucking hate Corporate America.

At least I managed a work out and composed my slides this evening. My brain just can't focus on the words on the pages of the book at the moment. I've forgotten what I managed to read, so I'm giving up for the moment.


Anonymous said...

i've asked before, but just what is it you do? and does it have to be that stressful ?

Jess said...

I don't like to talk too specifically about my job, as I don't want to get dooced.

I'm a researcher. Some of our clients are crazy demanding. Everyone wants the moon but no one want to pay for it. We are short-staffed. The colleague with whom I work with most closely is a micromanaging crazy person. I have more work to do than time to do it and on top of it all, I want to do a good job because a) I take pride in my work, no matter what it is and b) I don't want to get yelled at.

So yeah, it has to be that stressful sometimes.

Anonymous said...

thank you for explaining that, your stress makes much more sense now. i am a signmaker and the stress is unbelievable (when i am working, i am unemployed right now). no one seems to understand it's a process, NOT magic. fridays are the worst. having a boss with NO time management skills is bad too, since he doesn't know that that is his problem. and that it DIRECTLY affected me.