19 April 2011

All kinds of awesome.

For a Tuesday, today didn't really suck all that much.

The line-up for Rock the Garden was released, and it doesn't suck. Well, I can do without Tapes 'n Tapes. But I would be there regardless of the other acts, because NEKO CASE is playing. God, I love her so fucking much. I can't even tell you. Also, I quite like My Morning Jacket.

Getting tickets was a mild pain in the ass, but it could have been worse. I didn't have to spend all that much time trying to get them.

I didn't go last year because I was absolutely incensed that MGMT would be given the headliner spot. The year before, I was coming back from Portland and thought The Decemberists could go straight to hell for playing ... The Crane Wife? As ... a rock opera or whatever they were doing. Too fucking hipster-y, even for me.

At some point, I realized the only band I really ever wanted to see was The New Pornographers the first year. Sadly, Neko wasn't with them, but they still fucking rocked the house. And now I get to see her in all of her glory. Oh my god. I can't wait.

Also today, I found out that I live in the best neighborhood in the Twin Citeis. Fucking score. Not that I needed City Pages to tell me that. I've been saying it's awesome since I moved here. Their "neighborhood funk" is a different way of my saying it's more blue collar and punk rock than the Hennepin-Lake.

As awesome as it is, I keep hoping this area stays under-the-radar. Though, as Macho Man noted, there are a lot of new fancy residential buildings going up around these parts. Still, I love this neighborhood. I love it so much.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I'll admit - your neighborhood is pretty awesome. So is your cute little apartment. Although, parking is questionable. :-)

Jess said...

Not everything can be awesome about where one lives.

Parking does occasionally blow, though. You're absolutely right on that one.