29 April 2011

Stuff and junk.

I managed to get through a not-too-terrible week of work. For one thing, it was only four days. I even managed to leave work early today. Oh wait. I got to work earlier than normal, so I actually left on time. Fuck. Now I'm sad.

How I'm still up at this point is kinda beyond me. I stayed with my nephew last night because my sister is in Mexico and someone had to get my nephew off to school this morning. Of course, my sister and her friend had to leave at 4:20 this morning. I couldn't get to sleep, then I woke up when they got up. Somehow, I managed to get to sleep probably an hour after the cab left. Then, of course, there were geese honking outside at some time before the alarm went off. Quite a while before the alarm went off, in fact. Seriously?

So, I'm already started to ramble. That can't be good. I left work early to hit the Mall of America for a trip to Aveda, where I bought a bunch of face stuff and got double points. Then I went to MAC and recycled 18 items, so I got two eye shadows and a lip glass FOR FREE. Oh, MAC. You're awesome.

Wonder of wonders -- I bought a new purse, too. I've been looking for one for more than a year. I'm not sure I love it, but I certainly like it a lot.

I can't quite use the purse, though. Not yet. Because tomorrow I'm going to Craftstravaganza with W&J. What if I find a great bag there? I can't take that risk. I'll have to hold off using the new purse until after Craftstravaganza.

That's about all I've got. There's more to the weekend, of course. Hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like, more kids' basketball, more hanging out with the nephew ... You know, stuff and junk.

26 April 2011


This evening, KayGee and I went to Smart and Chic Beauty Lounge in Nordeast for a a makeup class. KayGee is going to be in S&M's wedding next month and had asked me to give her a tutorial on makeup. I gladly agreed, because ... well, I love makeup.

However, shortly after KayGee made her request, I saw this article in the Strib. I figured it would probably be better to get a professional to show her the ropes. And it wouldn't hurt me to get some pointers, either.

The experience was delightful. The space is lovely and funky. It's a very chill atmosphere. Oh, and there was wine! KayGee and I were the youngest attendees, but it was definitely a good group. Honestly, one of the women had such ridiculously great skin, it made me a little ill. Let's not forget that KayGee's ridiculously naturally beautiful. I got to impress everyone with my obscene amount of makeup, which was also nice.

KayGee thought I might be a bit bored, because I know quite a bit about makeup already. I felt a little like ... maybe I didn't get as much attention as everyone else. But then again, I didn't need it. I did get my lipstick fears addressed a little bit. I say a little bit because no matter what others say, I'm still hesitant to try to do a bold lip color. Julie, the makeup artist/instructor and all of the attendees thought I could pull off a bold lip color. I've shied away from them forever. But maybe I'll now have the guts to try it every now and again. Also, I tend to do dramatic eyes, which necessitates a more neutral lip.

But even if I didn't learn all that much that applies to me (the class was tailored to people who want a more natural look and I like people to know I'm wearing makeup -- that's the whole point!), I watched what Julie did to KayGee, so I can help her later. I paid attention to what she did for everyone else because a) I may want that myself some day and b) I can help other people with this knowledge.

It also forced me to go through my makeup and get rid of some things. I've now got to make a trip to MAC to turn in my recycling and get new lip glasses and eyeshadow. And maybe a bold lipstick. And then KayGee and I are going makeup shopping to get all of the items she needs for her new look. I mean, I only left tonight with a lip gloss and some boob tape. That's next-to-nothing!

So, if you want to learn more about makeup, I'd highly recommend the class at Smart and Chic Beauty Lounge. Shit, I'd go back and I don't really even need to learn all that much.

25 April 2011

No work, a little sun and some animals.

Holy crap. It is amazing what a day off from work (and a pretty good weekend) will do for a girl. I feel a bit renewed. Now, I don't imagine that will last. I mean, I have to go back to work tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be shitty for a couple of days. So, it's not like I'll be on some sort of high or anything.

But today wasn't the only awesome. Friday night I went to see Duran Duran. It was AWESOME. It was everything I ever hoped it would be. I'd been waiting to see them for many, many years. Like, 17 years. And I've been a fan since my age was in the single digits. I had to have been super-excited, because I was uber friendly. I talked to the people around me in line to get in. I chatted with the girls in line in front of me at the bar while waiting for my first drink. I made friends with the people I stood next to for most of the show. That's not me. I'm not usually that social when I'm alone.

I hung out with The Boy I Currently Like on Saturday and had a super-lovely time. He introduced me to Game of Thrones on HBO and I am hooked. I was hooked within minutes. We seem to have gotten to bed at a decent hour, too. Though, I fell asleep in the chair and have no idea what time it was when we actually went to bed.

Last night, I went to see the Pixies. Holy shit, was that show amazing. It was the best show I've seen at Roy Wilkins, visually. It was also amazing musically and crowd-wise. Holy crap, what a crazy-diverse crowd -- hipsters, hippies, skaters, goths, old, young (like, toddler young), Black, White, Asian, Latino, ponytails, ironic mustaches, non-ironic mustaches, skinny jeans, dad jeans ... this crowd had everything and everyone. It was awesome.

I also found out it's only $26 for a cab ride from downtown St. Paul to my place, with a stop at KayGee's place. I feel like I can afford that kind of thing these days, which is also awesome.

Then there was today. Sure, I checked two work e-mails shortly after I got up. And I did the same when I got home. I also worked for a while. But in between checking those emails? I went to the Minnesota Zoo with The Boy I Currently Like. And it was a super, amazing, awesome day. The weather was perfect -- probably 65 degrees. And sunny, with a bit of a breeze.

The Zoo was crazy lovely. Though, while we were standing in line to get it, we were surrounded by women with kids. Just women with kids. Very few families, even fewer dads with kids, some grandparents with grandkids ... but so many women with kids -- multiple kids. I'm not sure I've ever been anywhere with that many women with kids. It was a long time before we saw any other childless people.

Regardless of all the screaming children, we had a lovely day. The Boy didn't get to see his Red Panda or hold any baby animals, but we both fed goats and sheep and got to pet a wee goat kid. I even let that goat kid lick my fingers!

It was delightful and I feel okay right now. I feel like I might get through this week (as of right now, there are no crazy late nights or anything ahead of me). Things are getting better! Now, enjoy some animal pictures.

21 April 2011

I'll chalk it up to stress.

I have an ENORMOUS, horrible zit on my upper lip. It's a Harriet Tubman. An undergrounder. Get it? Huh? Get it?

Seriously. What the fuck? I'm 37 and I'm still getting horrible, throbbing, awful zits. And the day before I see Duran Duran, too. It's like I've traveled back in time. Except not.

Fucking whatever. This is my life.

20 April 2011

Happy Hour!

It was a bit unintended, but those are often the best. I didn't get to the gym, nor did I get any work done. But I had a lovely evening with KayGee and managed to forget about work for a while.

That's really about all I can ask for these days. I just have to get through two more days of work (that's right -- no day off Friday) and I'll be able to sleep in and see some shows and shit. HOORAY.

19 April 2011

All kinds of awesome.

For a Tuesday, today didn't really suck all that much.

The line-up for Rock the Garden was released, and it doesn't suck. Well, I can do without Tapes 'n Tapes. But I would be there regardless of the other acts, because NEKO CASE is playing. God, I love her so fucking much. I can't even tell you. Also, I quite like My Morning Jacket.

Getting tickets was a mild pain in the ass, but it could have been worse. I didn't have to spend all that much time trying to get them.

I didn't go last year because I was absolutely incensed that MGMT would be given the headliner spot. The year before, I was coming back from Portland and thought The Decemberists could go straight to hell for playing ... The Crane Wife? As ... a rock opera or whatever they were doing. Too fucking hipster-y, even for me.

At some point, I realized the only band I really ever wanted to see was The New Pornographers the first year. Sadly, Neko wasn't with them, but they still fucking rocked the house. And now I get to see her in all of her glory. Oh my god. I can't wait.

Also today, I found out that I live in the best neighborhood in the Twin Citeis. Fucking score. Not that I needed City Pages to tell me that. I've been saying it's awesome since I moved here. Their "neighborhood funk" is a different way of my saying it's more blue collar and punk rock than the Hennepin-Lake.

As awesome as it is, I keep hoping this area stays under-the-radar. Though, as Macho Man noted, there are a lot of new fancy residential buildings going up around these parts. Still, I love this neighborhood. I love it so much.

18 April 2011

Feels like playing hookey.

I left work a full hour early (actually, two hours, because I likely would have stayed late) today to go to my nephew's track meet. It felt positively decadent. It felt naughty. It felt like I was skipping out early.

Except none of those things are really true. I worked Sunday and another hour when I came home tonight, so it's not like I missed any work. It felt like I was getting away with something, though. Probably because Chicken Little is gone and not micromanaging me to motherfucking death.

I'll take the good feelings, though, because it's entirely possible I won't have the day off on Friday like I'd hoped/planned. Perhaps it's not terrible. It's supposed to rain, so that would kind of ruin our zoo trip. We just want to see some goddamn baby farm animals.

Not even gonna talk about the weather. I just fucking can't. I can only take so much at one time.

17 April 2011

Sunday productivity.

I got shit done today.

Fed some hungry dogs at 7:00 this morning.
Got a bagel and coffee.
Finished my book.
Packed my shit.
Went to the gym.
Did my laundry.
Fed some hungry dogs again.
Went to the grocery store.
Made lentil sausage stew.
Did dishes.

I'm now blogging (obviously) and trying to clear some shit off my DVR. I was dogsitting for W&J this weekend. Their dogs are awesome. Though, they do kinda hog the bed. I had to kick them off last night so I could get some sleep. Other than that, they cracked me up quite a bit. The Boy I Currently Like enjoyed them quite a bit, as well.

This week at work might not be terrible. Though, it probably will be. It might be short, though. Should everything work out. But it probably won't. I'm gonna try to make it happen, dammit. I wanna see me some farm babies.

15 April 2011

Oh, Friday. Thanks for being you.

I didn't get to leave work early today. I really wanted to escape. It was torture. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought that. For some reason, it's at least comforting to know others are struggling, too.

There will be working this weekend, but not tonight. I refuse. I've walked some dogs, gotten some dinner and now I'm chillin' in comfy clothes, out of the cold drizzle. With a large glass of wine, of course. It's a nice Friday night to be watching TV with a couple of big dogs.

Sadly, my brain is too fried to remember much of the super-annoying things from today. Okay, that's not entirely true. I just want it to go away for a little while. Is that so much to ask?

13 April 2011

Suck it, work.

I left after just a bit more than eight hours today to go to happy hour with Law Talkin' Gal for her birthday. And you know what? I'm not working now that I'm home, either. I'm going to read my book.

Apparently, I hit some sort of wall this afternoon after Chicken Little told me I should be working on two different things simultaneously. Never mind that doing so isn't possible. That's not even the point. Well, it is a little bit. The real point is that I can prioritize my work just fine, thankyouverymuch. I'm pretty sure the priority should be the thing due tomorrow and the thing due Monday? Well, that can wait until Thursday afternoon.

I'm not staying late tomorrow, either. I have dogs to feed and walk. And there is no way in hell I'm staying late Friday. I'm fucking leaving early. If I have to work over the weekend to make sure I can take next Friday off to go to the Zoo with The Boy I Currently Like, I'm going to leave "early" on Friday.

Now, I doubt this is an actual mindset change on my part. I think it's more that I've switched to some sort of self-preservation mode, temporarily. I'm going to try to make it permanent, but I don't know that it'll take.

Either way, I had some happy hour therapy tonight and I'll get some canine therapy tomorrow, so I think I'll be okay for the next several days, anyway. Small victories, and so on.

But enough of this blogging. I have a delightful book to read!

11 April 2011

As if work wasn't bad enough.

Tonight, I'm working on something that isn't for a client. There is no billable time involved. It isn't even for an internal client. No one is going to use this.

I'm working on a presentation for my teammates that will be presented during our team meeting this week. I've not listened to anything anyone else has done and to my knowledge, no one has used any of the techniques we've presented. Mostly because they don't apply to our work.

It's bad enough that I have to waste an hour or more of my work day sitting in this meeting. But having to spend time working on putting this presentation together when I'm already working late on work for clients ... Jesus H. Christ, I fucking hate Corporate America.

At least I managed a work out and composed my slides this evening. My brain just can't focus on the words on the pages of the book at the moment. I've forgotten what I managed to read, so I'm giving up for the moment.

10 April 2011

I remember you.

It feels like forever since I last did my Sunday night cooking. I honestly can't even remember the last thing I might have cooked on a Sunday night. I've been eating sandwiches for lunch at work for weeks. Don't get me wrong -- I like sandwiches. Sometimes I even love them. But I do enjoy a bit of variety.

Not that I'm doing any real cooking tonight. I made some cornbread and now I've got brown rice on the stove. They'll be the accompaniments to my freezer clean-out. Shit's been falling out of my freezer every time I open it. That's my cue to eat the jambalaya, red beans, minestrone, chili and God knows what else is in there waiting to be eaten. That's probably about it ... if there are other things, they probably all freezer burned at this point.

Still, even though I only made cornbread and rice, I got that calming, centering feeling I get when I spend a few hours cooking on Sunday night. Suddenly, I feel a bit better about life.

Of course, I had to work today. I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. That's at least in part because I barely got any work done yesterday. That day got away from me. However, if I'm in bed by 1:00 and sleep until nearly 10:30, I'm just going to go ahead and assume my body needed it and leave it at that.

It's entirely possible this week won't be as bad as I have been thinking it would be. Even if work is bad, I'll be hanging out with some awesome dogs this weekend. (Side note: I've finally calmed down a bit about my parents' puppy news ... it took a while, though.) The weather is improving -- even the thunderstorms last night were delightful. They ended shortly after The Boy I Currently Like and I settled into bed. They stayed away all day, too. I'll admit -- I'm a little disappointed that by the time I got home from his place it was too cool to sit out on the deck and work. But it'll be better soon!

With my laundry done (though, there's some to fold yet), cornbread baked and dishes done, I can just plop my ass on the couch and read for a while before bed. This is just what I needed. Things are going to get better. I can feel it! I hope, anyway.

08 April 2011

Oh. My. God.

I managed to finish my work today before I had to leave to get my hair did. Though, I slept like shit, because I was worried about getting my work done before I had to leave to get my hair did.

So, I've not been working for NINE WHOLE HOURS. And I won't work for at least another 12 hours. Probably more like 16. Quite frankly, the prospect of working tomorrow afternoon makes me want to weep. But I'm going to try not to think about it. I just need more wine.

Oh, but there's big news. After getting my hair did, I stopped out at the farm to have dinner with the 'rents and pet the dog. Oh, I pet her good. But that's not it. My dad told me that HE IS GOING TO GET ANOTHER DOG. Holy shit. I was so excited. He may have had to tell me to calm down a bit.

I'm just months away from getting to play with a Golden Retriever puppy, and to watch her play with her big sister. I feel like I have something to look forward to, finally.


06 April 2011

Get me off this roller coaster.

The original title for this post was "Trapped." That's how I was feeling today at work. I mean, I just finished working for the night about five minutes ago. Though, I did manage to take a break to hit the elliptical at the gym today. I figured 30 minutes on the elliptical was the best bang for my buck. But I took the time to stretch, even though I wasn't sure I could afford it.

It was a lot of the usual at work today. Demanding, high-maintenance clients and Chicken Little calling me several times and then reading e-mail and looking things up. I've gotten incredibly short with him. It won't be long before I ask him -- nicely, mind you -- if he could maybe get his shit sorted and call me when he's ready, because I HAVE WORK TO DO. Let's not forget him upping deadlines and forgetting that I lost a day because of rush work that came in on Monday. But whatever.

Not sure what made me panic today. I always freak out when I have to leave work at a specific time, which I have to do tomorrow and Friday, as I have appointments. So, being able to meet my deadlines and yet make it to my appointments has me very stressed. But it was more than that. It's the never-ending cycle of constant stress and pressure and having more work to do than time to do it. It's clearly not going to change any time soon. I mean, I've been bitching about this FOREVER (not forever -- I've not even reached my three-year anniversary).

Look -- I'm totally okay with putting in extra time during a busy period. That's how life goes. But I took this job because I wanted to have a life outside of work. Everything I do, however, seems to be influenced by work in some way, shape or form. I hate it. However, I don't have time to look for a new job, because the little non-work time I feel like I have I want to rest and do fun things. My fucking brain can't take any more work.

So, after a horrible, awful fucking day today, I check my work e-mail to see if the work I sent made it. In my inbox is an e-mail from a client telling me how great a job I did on something for her. Something once again, I thought I did a poor job of, because there just wasn't much information out there to answer the question. I give up trying to figure this shit out. I'm just going to try to get through tomorrow so I can get my massage and facial and maybe feel a little bit better about life.

05 April 2011

I should have known it wouldn't last.

Things blew up at work today. At first it didn't directly affect me, but Chicken Little was losing his shit. That normally makes me lose my shit, but none of my deadlines had really changed. By the afternoon, however, I had new deadlines and new work. But I'm not yet panicking.

This morning, I got a call from one of our sales reps about a difficult client. Despite the fact that she is ridiculously tight with her money and asks questions that never have an answer, she loves what I'm doing for her. So much does she love my work that her company is going to up their contract when it comes up for renewal in the coming months. Color me shocked. I don't ever feel like I'm doing a good job because I have no time to work on her questions. But if she is happy, I am happy.

It was really nice to hear that because this afternoon, Chicken Little got an e-mail from another difficult client. She also asks questions that don't have good answers. They're huge questions with wide-ranging answers that would take days (possibly weeks, really) to do properly. So, I do the best I can with the time and resources available to me (not nearly enough of either). But she comes back, bitching and complaining and being all passive-aggressive. She asks questions instead of reading what we sent her, because, I have nothing to do other than go back over what I sent you and highlight the bullet points you couldn't read on your own and then repeat them in an e-mail. She also asks questions that are easily Googleable. But on her big, no-answer questions, she Googles that shit and sometimes finds the same information we did. I don't fucking get it.

Whatever. I'm not going to let it get me down or freak me out. At least not today. I'm not going to work tonight, either. I'm going to watch the end of the Twins game, then I'm going to shower and read my book. Suck it, work. I'll worry about you later. Probably over the weekend again. Fucking bullshit.

04 April 2011

It hasn't been nearly as long as I thought.

Whew. I thought I'd not blogged in almost a week. Turns out I only missed three days. And in my defense, those were weekend days. I really have tried to avoid thinking on the weekends as much as possible. Save for the work I did yesterday. Reading for pleasure doesn't count as reading, though, FYI.

So, baseball is back in swing and the Twins are 1-3. But it's early! They're on the road, and so on. I'm not worried. And I'm positively thrilled to see Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan on the field again. Though, Twitchy McSpazzerson certainly put us through the paces yesterday. Once the game was over, I turned to The Boy I Currently Like and said, "I don't know if I can handle a season full of drama like that." He concurred.

Tonight is also bittersweet because it's the last college hoops game of the season. I don't give a shit who wins (not true, actually, Butler is pissing me off and I want UConn to win), because I had won my money pool last weekend already. There will allegedly be a check on my desk tomorrow, but it's Office Douchebag running things and I don't even trust him as far as I can throw him. I heard him leaving his out-of-office message saying he was going to be out tomorrow through the rest of the week. Still, I know where he works. I'll make his life hell.

This week should be fairly non-terrible. My week is booked up workwise, but nothing is actually due this week. Save for the stuff I did today. That's all due tomorrow. Chicken Little was out today and it was heaven, y'all.

It will suck being cooped up in the office all week, though; it's supposed to be in the 50s all week. YAY. Oh, but that's not all. The Boy called this "The week of Jess," after I told him I have a massage and facial scheduled Thursday after work and I'm leaving early Friday to get my hair did and eyebrows waxed. (Eyebrow waxing side note: my stylist's salon switched to hard wax from soft wax. I like the soft wax much better. It's much more deliciously painful.)

I'm going to stop out at the farm, too, after my hair appointment. I'm in need of pork products and I miss the dog. I was all excited to get a free meal from the 'rents, too. Then I remembered it is Lent. That means no steak or anything else good. Mom is making shrimp alfredo. Oh well. It's free. And I'll get to pet the dog.

Honestly, I shouldn't be having dog withdrawal. I spent a week with my favorite CORGI! and then yesterday got a little time with Arlo and Jethro, who are my next dogsitting gig. I really like them a lot. A LOT. And I'm really glad I have friends with awesome dogs who go places and trust me to watch over their pets. (I just saw the Butler Bulldog, too, and "Aaaawwwwww"ed rather loudly. I'm hopeless Why can't UConn have a real Husky on the sideline?)

Anyway, that's the round-up, I guess. Stuff's goin' on and all that.