10 March 2011

We know what is best for you.

This morning, I got an e-mail from NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota. It was another missive about the bills in the Minnesota House and Senate that would ban abortion after 20 weeks.

A few things: could you think of a more awkward name than the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act?" No? Okay. That'll do. Also, how does this create jobs or shrink our budget deficit? How does it shrink government? That's right; it doesn't do any of those things. Such a bill would likely create more red tape. Less government my motherfucking ass.

There was a link to a story in the Des Moines Register in the e-mail. It's the story of Danielle Deaver, who was forced to carry her fetus to term because of Nebraska's law banning abortion after 20 weeks.

I urge you to read the story. It's fucking heartbreaking. It's also disgusting. It's perfectly emblematic of the paternalistic attitude of the men who make these laws.

Deaver and her husband wanted to have kids. They tried several times before having a son; when she got pregnant again, she told people about it early on. She figured she'd done it once successfully, so this time should be a breeze.

But this time wasn't a breeze. Her water broke at 22 weeks and the prognosis was dim. The fetus wasn't viable and had maybe a 10 percent chance of the baby being born with a heartbeat and able to breathe. The couple made what could only be an agonizing choice -- end the suffering now. Except their doctor said he couldn't help because of Nebraska's law banning abortion after 20 weeks.

So this couple and their families had to spend the rest of that pregnancy in agony. Danielle Deaver had to carry that fetus to term. She delivered her and held her for all of her 15 minutes of life. She had to watch her baby struggle to breathe for 15 minutes and then die.

Why would you do that to someone? Why would you put so many people through such heartbreak and sorrow? How would you like to be born only to spend 15 minutes struggling to get a breath before you die? How is that life precious?

But you know what? If you want to go through all of that, more power to you. That's your choice. If you want to end your horrible fucking nightmare and get on with the healing, you should be able to do that, as well. You should have the choice. It's a fucking medical decision to be made between a woman and her doctor. That's what Danielle Deaver tried to do, but the lawmakers of the state of Nebraska thought they knew better than her and her doctor.

I'm just fucking disgusted. There is plenty more to be disgusted about, as well -- the union busting in Wisconsin, Peter King's ridiculousness, this fucking bullshit that's just beyond goddamn insanity ... My heart hurts, my head hurts, and I need a drink.


Mule Breath said...

There is so much about which we should be disgusted, and you have nailed the essence of the religious right's stranglehold on sanity.

I started drinking a long time ago.

Jess said...

Some days it is just almost too much to deal with; today is one of those days.

I guess this situation is like the GOP's perfect storm: force a woman to carry a fetus to term, follow it up with torture and the death penalty. It's all wrapped up in a neat little package.

Yeah, I said torture. I've had asthma my entire life and I remember how horrible the feeling was when I was a little girl, not being able to draw a breath. Can you imagine if that was the entirety of your life? Thanks, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

some days, there isn't enough alcohol in the world to "deal with" this . . . . .