01 March 2011


On Saturday, the women of the bridal party got ready at the parish school across the street from the church where the wedding was held. "Got ready" is ... well ... I showed up, sat around for 45 minutes and then put on my dress and walked across the street. That was my weekend pre-wedding. I was efficient and on time, everyone else was late as fuck.

But back to the school. I attended CCD classes there from first grade through my senior year of high school; nearly every single Thursday morning, I was there. That's right -- we went to our religious education classes during school time. Those who didn't got extra art or study hall or other awesome things. Fuck that noise. I often lobbied my mom to let me stay at school and have an extra study hall, but usually to no avail.

When I was attending those religious education classes there, I do not recall the place being plastered with anti-abortion posters. But it was on Saturday. It also smelled like urinal cakes. Yum!

The most awful of these posters was this one:

Look, I'm unabashedly pro-choice. You could possibly even call me rabid. But come on. Any person with a brain would look at that baby and know that black-eyed demon babies should always be aborted. That baby looks like he's been infected with the black oil from The X-Files. THAT BABY IS EVIL.

That wasn't the end of the anti-choice shit I heard/saw over the weekend. There was a petition for "pre-born" babies during the Mass. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, because the matron of honor is knocked up. However, that still stuck in my craw (as evidenced by the fact that I'm still annoyed today).

Seriously, though -- don't let the demon babies take over.


Minneapolist said...

That baby totally has demon eyes. It's sort of how I feel when driving up 35 North with all of the pro-life billboards - Do they look at the babies before they put them up there?!?

Jess said...

I think I've written before about the fact that they seem to only use ugly babies for pro-life advertising. The cute babies are making real money in actual advertising, I think.

Also, the ad copy is usually completely fucking stupid. God's Stimulus Plan? Dad says I'm CEO of the house? What the fuck?