11 March 2011

Somehow, I managed to get through this week.

I'm not entirely sure how I did it, but hey -- it's over. I feel marginally better than I did last night -- both in health terms and in mental terms, I think. Though, watching the devastation in Japan doesn't help the mental well-being at all.

Hey -- at least the news isn't about Charlie Sheen or the fucking bullshit in Wisconsin. Except if you looked a little bit, you could totally find more news on both. I'm super proud to see pictures on Facebook of my aunt and uncle and a friend at the protests. I'm also super proud to see a friend (and many of her friends) posting that they're planning to go and protest tomorrow. I know really awesome people.

I should probably be winding down for bed. I'm supposed to be at Lake Harriet tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to meet The Stylist and another friend from home at the 100% Irish for a Day race. Okay, I'm meeting them at the beer garden. But 10:00 is awfully early and it's supposed to be a whopping 26 for a high tomorrow. And there's that pesky wind advisory. But I'll get there! I will. I can rest when I'm dead, right?

Yay Wolves, by the way. Not only do they have back-to-back wins, but they're back-to-back blowouts. Mama like!

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