08 March 2011

Remember me?

I guess it hasn't been quite as long since I last blogged as I thought. I mean, five days isn't that long is it?

Yesterday I had intended to write a little, but my modem shit the bed in the morning and I couldn't blog from my phone for some reason. However, I now have a fancy new modem and an encrypted wireless network (finally). I thought that might help me be able to connect remotely to work, but no dice.

It would have been really nice to be able to connect remotely to the office because I've been feeling like ass the last few days. Fucking cold. I blame the wedding (and the cold-infected relatives there), as well as work for not giving me any damn time off. Hey, no problem -- I'll spread my germs all over the office because I can't take any time off to recover. No problem. I currently hate that place so freakin' much.

Had an awesome Mardi Gras party. I had no idea I could get that many people in my apartment. It god loud, y'all. I watched some little kids' basketball and didn't hang out with The Boy I Currently Like over the weekend. I had to reschedule my massage and facial tonight because a) I'm sick and b) I was at work until 6:00 and the appointment was for 5:30.

There are undoubtedly a million other things I could/should write. However, I'm feelin' like ass and I still need to wash dishes. Motherfucker. I need to rest.

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