14 March 2011

The more you know.

I may have learned tonight that resting when I'm sick is actually a better idea than trying to power through it. Sounds crazy, no?

Usually when I'm sick I work, go out, drink and go to the gym as I normally would. Well, maybe I do it all about half speed because I'm sick and totally wiped out. My colds seem to really linger, too. I have a cough for weeks on end.

This time, though, I decided to take it easy. Sure, I worked. I also had a party. But I skipped the gym and did my best to get to bed at a decent hour. And here I am, feeling about 90 percent. I even worked out as I normally would tonight. With other colds, during that lingering cough, I'd go to the gym and have to leave probably halfway through a workout because I was coughing my ass off and had a horrible headache from all the coughing.

From now on, I will not power through my colds. I will rest and allow myself to recover. It's pretty sad that it took me 37 years to figure this shit out. But what can you do?

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