24 March 2011

I couldn't possibly hate this week any more.

I'm sitting here, having just finished my fifth consecutive evening working, thinking about how much I absolutely hate my job right now. I probably shouldn't be packing it in, because I'm not sure I'm going to make my deadlines tomorrow. But I'm pretty useless at this point.

Spending every week just trying to get through the week is starting to wear thin. I'd love to start looking for something new, but I just don't have the fucking energy. I don't regret not taking the job I was offered a year ago, or anything. I'm just not happy with my current situation. If I wasn't working 10-12 hour days, I might feel differently.

I've also been out of my comfort zone all week, which has led me to sleep horribly and get out of my routine/schedule. It's fucking cold and we have several new inches of snow on the ground. Oh, it's going to melt. It'll melt fairly soon, even. But Jesus H. Christ, it's disheartening.

Once again, I'm sitting here staring at the screen and there are no thoughts in my brain to make their way to my fingers, so there's little point in me sitting here with my hands on the keyboard. I think I need to watch a little hoops. We can't even get a live look-in on the BYU-Florida game? I thought it was great that we had more options last weekend (though, even with four games on four different channels I managed to be bored by all the options a number of times). But when I'm somewhere without cable, having games on two channels blows. We don't even get the Wisconsin-Butler game. Fuck you, Duke. Go straight to fucking hell.

Fuck it all, goddammit.

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Anonymous said...

what sort of work do you do, anyway ?