28 March 2011

Hello, stuff.

Oh my God. I've missed my apartment so fucking much. I spent the last week dog-sitting for urbanwanderlust and Idris Arslanian. I cannot remember the last time I slept somewhere other than my own bed for seven whole days. It was probably when I went to Mexico more than 10 years ago. That was a week-long trip. Sure, I had several dog/house/cousin-sitting gigs for my aunt and uncle that went anywhere from three to five days, but SEVEN?

Last week was a bad fucking week, too. Work kicked my ass. I was working every night, so I couldn't go to the gym. We had a lovely Spring storm. It was like everything conspired to make it a horrible, god-awful week. Even having my favorite CORGI! around to pet didn't do much to help. If I'd been able to have some sense of normalcy -- anything -- the TV shows I normally watch, going to the gym, something else that isn't coming to me now ...

Oh! I remember. I couldn't even hang out with The Boy I Currently Like as I normally would, because I had to make sure the dog was fed and had ample opportunity to toilet (sorry ... I was channeling Victoria Stilwell for a moment). That's the reason I never actually mention when people ask why I don't have a dog. If I did, I'd not be able to spend the night at his place. Can't leave the dog alone for 24 hours or more. That would be horrible.

Whatever. It's over. I'm back at home in my lovely (though horribly messy) apartment. I worked a long day, but I still managed to get to the gym and run to Trader Joe's. I'm mostly unpacked, even! This week at work is going to blow, if today is any indication.

BUT! I've won Office Douchebag's NCAA pool. That means I made at least $100 on top of my entry fee. I love that I beat Office Douchebag AND The Boy. Though, it seems a bit silly for The Boy to have given me $40 to give to Office Douchebag. He could have just given me the $40 and been done with it. Now I'm going to buy him dinner with some of my winnings. I wish I didn't have to wait for a whole week to get my winnings. Story of my life. I still don't have my Football Jesus, I've not gotten my fantasy football winnings for two seasons and I'm sure it will be a while before I get whatever I won for finishing second in the IDYFT NCAA pick 'em. (Though, I did get my books from Andrew Wice. At least someone gives me what I'm due.)

Also, opening day is Friday. I just gotta make it to Friday and it'll be a sportstastic weekend.

Now, I'm going to go take a shower in my own bathroom and soon, I'll be heading off to the Land of Nod in my very own bed on lovely clean sheets.


Sarah said...

You are the best, Jess. Thank you for dog-wrangling and putting up with a crappy week sans your own stuff. I know exactly how good it feels to be home, and your willingness to corgi-sit is so appreciated!

Jess said...

It was 100 percent worth it every time she skittered across the hardwood floors, chasing after me when I left a room. Also, the pouncing she did on her treat. Oh, and the Chewbacca-y noise she made when I returned after being out for a few hours for some reason or another (I think she had to pee).

I hope you guys had a great time and your dashboard isn't too messed up from the Tree Branch of Doom.