13 February 2011


Oh my. A day of mid- to upper-40s after days of waking up to bone-chilling cold and frostbite-inducing wind feels magnificent. Things look so much better all of a sudden. Did I mention the days are getting noticeably longer, as well? YAY.

I used my warm afternoon to do some work on my deck. Every other year I've lived here, I've managed to keep it fairly clear during the winters. However, I didn't even bother trying to deal with it after that first big snowfall. Other years, the crew that does our sidewalk shoveling and whatnot often did my deck, as well. Not at all this year.

So, I figured the very warm temperature would help me clear some of the snow and ice off my deck. I need to do this because I'm having a small party on Friday to celebrate my birthday and my small fridge simply can't accommodate all the beer I'll need. And I don't want the smokers to have to go out front, so I need a place for them to stand.

This year, I decided I wanted The Boy I Currently Like to be a part of my birthday doings. Bars aren't the best for him, so I figured a small gathering of people he already knows at my place would be the best course of action.

Having a party this Friday is also kind of a dry run for my larger Mardi Gras party two weeks later. I figure it'll be good to have a lot of the cleaning and organizing done this weekend, since the following weekend is the wedding and I'll have to spend the pre-Mardi Gras party week cooking after I get home from the gym.

My deck clearing was a success. I mean, I can now get the door from the kitchen to the deck open, and there is plenty of room for people to stand around the beer. Since it's supposed to be warmer all week, I think it will get even better. Plus, I worked really hard. So, no big deal skipping the gym today.

I'm looking forward to cooking/baking a bunch of stuff for my friends and getting them (and me) drunk. This week is going to have to be not terrible. I can feel it in my bones! I hope.


Reuben said...

What is going on? Is this a positive post? Nothing to rant about? Are you feeling ok? Maybe it's a bug.

lol. Nothing like warmer weather to buoy the spirits...

Jess said...

Seriously. It's amazing what a sunny, 46-degree day can do for one's spirit.

Also, my next three weeks of work are (for the time being) short weeks. I can do this! And so on.

MNbound said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarius/Pisces cusper! Mine is the 19th.

I've been reading your blog for several months now to pick up tips on how to do the whole "single woman in the Twin Cities" thing since I'm moving up there in March - first tip I learned? Find a place with off-street parking! lol

Jess said...

Happy early Birthday to you!

I'm so very glad I could help out in some small way. Truth be told, it's never been that bad living with on-street parking. However, if you find a place (and I assume you have, since you'll be here in mere days) with off-street parking, you're going to enjoy it.