01 February 2011



Office Douchebag says he has (free) Timberwolves tickets for me. He'll let me know tomorrow (I trust this guy as far as I can throw him, if that, but I'm willing to put this in the good column for now).

Performance review went well. Boss had nothing but good things to say. He wants to get me moving on the path to a promotion.

I'm getting a (considerable for me, anyway) bonus! (Merit increases come in May, apparently.)

Bruise and lumpy ass are healing nicely. I'm surprised at how the bruise is fading and the Impact Zone is less painful and just mostly uncomfortable.


Worked out late, so I'm not in bed yet. Gonna be more tired tomorrow than I have been the last couple of days. It only gets worse as the week goes progresses.

Drove around for a good 15 minutes when I got home from the gym trying to find a parking spot.

-30 windchill when I leave for work in the morning!

Had to take a cold shower in my cold bathroom with a cold draft blowing through my shitty bathroom window.

Bachelorette party coming up this weekend.

With it all laid out, it seems the good should really be winning. I'll take that under advisement. Winter won't get me down! Except for when it does.

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FreeFlying said...

Ha! I love that "bachelorette party" goes in the bad column. Is anything more miserable than that kind of mandatory merriment?

Congrats on the positive work feedback and bonus!