03 February 2011

So, I have a new blog.

Perhaps it's the ridiculous amount of snow we've received this year. Or maybe I'm just noticing it more because I'm so cranky this winter. Whatever the reason, I've noticed SO many people parking like jackasses more than normal.

Last night, I posted a Facebook status update to that effect last night. Actually, I posted that I was considering starting a blog called "That's not a parking spot, asshole." I was heartened by the response, or possibly goaded by some wine, and I just decided to start it.

I managed to find a culprit this very morning when I got to the office. It was, in fact, jackasses at work and the gym who drove me to it.

So, check it out. Submit your own photos of jackasses parking like douchenozzles. I'm still considering submission rules, so for now it's pretty open.

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