20 February 2011

Screw you, Winter Wonderland.

This shit is wearing me down, y'all. Any other week, it might not have bothered me as much, but this weekend was not the weekend for it to happen. Because of this fan-fucking-tastic snowstorm, I won't get to really see The Boy I Currently Like for ... like, three or four weeks. He was here Friday for my party, but that's hardly quality time. I have the wedding this upcoming weekend. I'd planned to try to see him when I get back next Sunday night, for his birthday, because I was taking Monday off work. However, stupid fucking Chicken Little decided to take that week off, so I have to work Monday. Motherfucker, you knew I'd requested that day off. Fuck you.

So, he'll be here for the Mardi Gras party in roughly two weeks, but again, not exactly quality time. And he'll have to hang out with his buddy to play video games on Saturday, because that's how this shit works. He's been around longer and just because they'll be hanging out at my place on Friday night for Mardi Gras festivities doesn't mean they'll get their regular male-bonding time. I know it and I accept and 95 percent of the time, it's totally cool. But that goddamn motherfucking wedding is just ruining everything else for me.

I got my car out from in front of my building with zero problems late this afternoon. That's because I got it out before the plows had gone by and packed it in. Though, I think I've seen/heard all of one plow go by thus far today. I'd been debating about whether to move it to a side street or take it to the parking ramp. I took it to the ramp, if for no other reason than it'll make me go to the gym tomorrow. Shit, if I'm going to get my car, I might as well go to the gym while I'm there. Lord knows walking back from there in several inches of snow on non-shoveled sidewalks, into a very stiff wind, I at least go a little bit of exercise today.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow, though. We won't have a snow emergency called until then. Though, what I noted on my walk back from Calhoun Square was that the side streets didn't seem too bad. They were better for walking than the sidewalks. Once the snow emergency is called and the winter parking restrictions lifted, I can move to a side street. Hopefully I won't get stuck. I have a meeting first thing Tuesday morning.

One good thing about the weather, though: I might not have to do my birthday dinner with my siblings, nephew and SILTB tomorrow. That would make me happy. I'd really like to not see any of them until I have to for the rehearsal on Friday. Or lunch. I guess I'll have to see some of them then. Oh well. It'll all be over in a week. I can do this. As long as I have plenty o' booze.

In the meantime, enjoy some more photos of my misery. I took all of these from my front steps a couple of hours ago.


The Lissst! said...

That's a lotta fucking snow.

Anonymous said...

Ii'm watching pretty much the same thing right now, except it's daylight here in central MA.


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