10 February 2011


KayGee and I went to the customer appreciation event at the Aveda Institute tonight. I probably never would have gone if she hadn't suggested it. I mean, I wanted to, but that kind of thing really isn't fun by yourself. I've had invites to many MAC events and didn't go, because, what fun is it to go alone?

It seemed to be a roaring success. That place was packed. We got a card that needed to be marked off, and when we had everything, we got a free product. Fucking sweet!

We got hand massages, chair massages, a hair consultation (so didn't need that, but I got a question answered to my satisfaction) and a "sensory experience." The last item is basically just smelling some of their scents. I always have a hard time choosing, except apparently I picked the one that best suits my personality. I just have to remember for when I go in to get my birthday gift. I can't find it on the website right now.

KayGee also got a mini-facial. We missed out on the makeup application, because lines were so long. As it turns out, KayGee was the last person to get a mini-facial. Because I missed out, I got a gift card for $15 of a service. Are you fucking kidding me? That's infinitely more valuable than a seven-minute facial.

However, even though I didn't get my last check mark on my card (you got it when you go the service), they checked it anyway and I got my free product. It's huge for a sample -- 3.4 ounces. And, it's something I will use. Holy shit! That's absolutely crazy.

Did I mention we spun a wheel for prizes and both got $10 off a hair or skin service? And that anything you booked tonight through May 10 was 20 percent off? We scheduled 80-minute massages and facials. With the discount and the gift cards, I should only pay less than $70 for both. Holy awesome, man.

The girl who did my hand massage said the last time the Aveda Institute did one of these was four years ago. It seemed to be a success. All the people working appeared to be surprised by the number of people who showed up (I was too, quite frankly). Then again, people (myself included) love free shit. Though, I'm totally over free t-shirts. Free Aveda shit, though? Fuck and yes.

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