07 February 2011

Not the way I wanted to start off the week.

I stayed out a bit later than I should have last night and maybe shouldn't have done that shot Macho Man bought for all of us (in my defense, it was Maker's Mark and it was free). Had I known that I'd end up working until 10:30 tonight, I would have gone with my first instinct to watch the Super Bowl from home. Oh well. What's done is done and all that.

The good thing about all the work today is that this is going to be the worst part of the week. Or, at least that's how it stands now. I'm sure that can and will change. Tomorrow's butt-ass cold isn't going to help matters any.

I feel pretty gross about skipping the gym tonight, but it's just one night. I'll be totally stoked to workout tomorrow night. Mondays are out of control, anyway. God, when will the Resolutionaries give up and stay home on their couches? When can I get my life back?

As it stands right now, KayGee and I are going to get some pampering done at the Aveda Institute on Thursday night. There will be chair massages, mini-facials and other stuff. Yay! That's another no-gym night, probably, but three or four days a week is more than most fucking people do. Yeesh.

One nice thing about skipping the gym to work tonight was that I got to see the Wolves win a game -- on the road, even! Speaking of the Wolves, I'm very excited that KLOVE made the all-star team. Granted, it was a back-door, end-around appearance on the team, but it's better than him not making it at all.

I'm gonna stop here for now, as I am ever so tired. But, before I do that, I feel as if I should thank Jill from Brilliant at Breakfast for including this li'l ol' blog on her Blogroll Amnesty Day post. And since it was reposted there, driftglass, as well. Thankfully, all I have to live up to is having a blog with an interesting? funny? something? name. That's about all I can handle right now.

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