06 February 2011


What is the point of going to a bachelorette party you do not want to attend if you can't even get drunk? I tried. Oh Lord, how I tried. And I think I'm buzzing now, but more than anything, I got tired.

The food at the comedy club wasn't terrible -- the garlic mashed potatoes were tasty. But the swordfish? A little salt and pepper wouldn't kill anyone, would it? Drinks were watered down and fucking expensive.

After the comedy club, guess what happened? We sat in the car and no one could think of what they wanted to do. We started driving after a while, just so there was some sort of impetus for us to make a decision -- any decision. Gosh, who thought that a lack of a plan would be a bad thing? Oh, that's right. Me.

Honestly, the most exciting thing about today was all the new underwear I bought at Kohl's. At least the money I spent there got me something. I spent a shitload of money tonight and barely got drunk.

But this is the last big thing before the actual wedding weekend. My sister was trying to schedule a birthday dinner again with me. I keep trying to say I don't want to do it, but apparently that's not good enough. Then again, nothing ever is with my family.

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