19 February 2011

I've had enough of you, Old Man Winter.

My birthday was pretty great. Aside from having to work, being tired and having a lot of prep to do, the party turned out decent. There were never more people here than I have seating for (eight, if you count the ottoman for the glider ... and I count that because people use it). People cycled in and out over many hours. According to Law Talkin' Gal, the vibe was pretty sweet all night. At least while she was here, anyway.

The food rocked -- there was just one bacon-wrapped brat left when I cleaned up; most of the cake was gone. Though, I do have a lot of booze left. Fortunately, I'm having a Mardi Gras party in two weeks, with more people here. That'll help get rid of some of this bourbon I got for my birthday:

I tried to extend my birthday fun today. I got in a happy hour at the Indy with Law Talkin' Gal, after we went to MAC to get me some makeup for the wedding. I also stopped at Penzeys to get some herbs and other things for cooking and baking.

The baking supplies were necessary because I'm afraid I may end up stuck at home tomorrow, instead of hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like. We're supposed to get anywhere from nine to 14 inches of snow tomorrow. Driving conditions are supposed to be really terrible in the afternoon and evening. I'm trying to plan for being stuck at home, because the idea of not getting to hang out with The Boy on my birthday weekend (aside from him coming over last night) makes me very unhappy; especially because I won't get to see him next weekend because of that goddamn wedding.

Why you gotta do me like that, Old Man Winter? WHY?


How Does She Do It? said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you know how to celebrate you proper.

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous you have a Penzey's handy. i haven't had that since i lived in Stamford, CT. the internets and catalog options just aren't comparable to being in the actual store. sigh.
glad you had a good birthday tho.