22 February 2011

It was even worse than I thought it might be.

Jesus H. Christ, did I have an unpleasant day today. It took me a full hour to get to work today. Granted, 20 minutes of that was spent walking (slipping, sliding and climbing) to my car. But it normally takes me 15 minutes to drive to work. Not today. And for no reason in particular. Lovely.

It only got better once I got to work. The compressed file I'd sent to my work e-mail that contained all the work I'd done over the weekend wouldn't open. My 9:00 a.m. call wasn't calling me and didn't answer when I called her. I couldn't find a file I needed to finish up the project I'd been working on all weekend. Chicken Little was calling me and tying up my damn phone line.

Eventually, calls were made, file was found and I headed home. I decided I wasn't going back to the office. Then I decided I wasn't going to the gym. I managed to get out for some Kleenex, and just finished working about an hour ago. Things feel a bit more under control, but I don't expect that feeling to last.

We had a conference call with a client this afternoon about a project we did months ago -- the first run of it was more than a year ago. Chicken Little had bitched to me about it a number of times over the past few days. Just in case I wasn't feeling the same way/didn't get it the first time, I figure. I generally agreed with the bitching. It seemed unnecessary to just sit there and have them yell at us and then tell us they wanted out of their agreement or whatever.

Now, I was on my mobile and had a very difficult time hearing much of the conversation (except, of course, for the others on the phone; their words were like loud knives in my eardrums), but it seems they're not only staying on as clients, they want to continue with this Project of Horribleness. Except we'll do it on a slightly more loose schedule.

I didn't catch a lot of their complaints, and quite frankly, I kinda stopped listening after one know-it-all said two things I'd written were "clearly written by different people." Nice try, Smarty Pants.

Whatever. It'll be months before anything happens with that. Allegedly. I felt a bit sick listening to our sales rep talk to them. She was in their office, so I couldn't see if she was on her knees, licking their boots, but Jesus was it obsequious.

Even though I worked until 8:00ish, I've managed to get a few things done tonight. I dug out my suitcase and started packing for the weekend. I've got bra and fishnets packed for the wedding proper. Friday night rehearsal dinner outfit packed. I could throw in jammies and I'd be essentially done. I'll only need something to wear to get my hair done and then home Sunday. And much of that can be what I wear down there on Friday.

I also wrapped part of The Boy's birthday present. I figure I'll give him that when we hang out tomorrow night and will give him the rest when I see him after his birthday Sunday (I'm hoping I can get over there when I get back to town, but that's going to depend on a lot of things). I'm glad I got home very early and was able to park right outside the door, because that fucking thing is heavy as shit. I wouldn't want to have to walk much of any distance with it.

There are more things I could be doing -- like the dishes. And I might yet, but I should be able to find some time to get them done between (I just realized I needed a side for lunch tomorrow and went to throw some broccoli in the oven. Yay, easy side dishes!) now and when I leave. I hope. Probably before I get my massage on Thursday. I know I won't want to do it after.

The countdown continues on. I'm concerned about not getting to the gym before the wedding. That could lead to a lot of stress. But the massage should help with that. And I had such a great workout yesterday -- an hour and a half at the gym with 20 minutes of snow-walking in the wind before an after. Oh well. I'll manage somehow.

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