17 February 2011

I really tried.

I did, I swear. However, this week got the best of me and my apartment isn't going to be as tidy and clean as I was hoping for my birthday tomorrow. I made the choice to focus on food with my limited time. Sure, I'm off tomorrow afternoon, but I have a lot of errand-running to do and a lot of cooking.

Thankfully, I'll keep the lighting low; combine that with good food and lots of booze and I think people will not notice so much. Even if they do, they won't be assholes about pointing it out to my face. They might not even talk shit about my housekeeping skills/standards behind my back, because, unlike my family, they're not jerks.

I'm crabbier than I really want to be going into what's supposed to be a fun day, but I'm sure everything will be fine. I just need to get a little sleep.


Mimi C said...

I never clean up before a party anymore. No one ever notices and you still have just as much work to do after.

Nina said...

Happy Birthday, Jess!! Hope you have a great day and lots of booze!

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Birthday Jess !!!


Jess said...

Thanks, y'all! I was thinking about you on your birthday last week, Nina. I hope it was fantastic!

Excellent point, Mimi. I don't go crazy or anything, but I definitely have shit to pick up. What usually ends up happening (and will today) is that I shove it in a bag and throw it in the closet. Then it comes back out after the party. Awesome!