24 February 2011

Damn you, tiny bladder.

I had a massage tonight at the Aveda Institute. It was quite delightful, save for the fact that I had to pee during most of it. Goddamn it. Despite my bladder issues, I still was almost falling asleep half the time.

You know you're getting a good massage when she gets in there with her elbows. Man, it hurt in the best possible way. Unlike when I had some massage therapy for my Achilles tendinitis. When the physical therapist was working on my ankle, it would hurt so bad I would involuntarily cry. But when he was done, it felt so great.

So that went well. It was cheap, because I had my $15 off. There was no tipping option, though. I felt bad about that. I'm glad I'll be getting another one in a couple of weeks. This time, I'll be sure to pee before I go in.

I've been trying to type this out, but it's taking me forever. My suitcase ain't gonna pack itself.

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