10 January 2011

Top albums of 2010.

But first, the list of my Top 10 singles, in no particular order, for which I voted in The Current's Top 89 of 2010:

  • Beach House: Norway (Teen Dream)
    I listened to this song on endless repeat, almost loud enough to make my ears hurt so many times. I really wanted to see them when they were in town, but they played the Cedar Cultural Center, which is one of my least favorite venues in town. It smells like Grandma's basement and it takes for-fucking-ever to get a drink. It will take a crazy awesome band for me to ever venture back there again.
  • Brendan Benson: Don't Wanna Talk (My Old, Familiar Friend)
  • Broken Social Scene: Forced To Love (Forgiveness Rock Record)
  • Cee Lo: Forget You (Lady Killer)
    Almost didn't make the list because it's the clean version. But goddammit, even the censored version is catchy as hell.
  • Har Mar Superstar: Tall Boy (Dark Touches)
    I'm not sure how he manages to be sexy, even to me, but I'll be damned if he doesn't got it. There's also the whole ridiculousness of a guy who looks like Ron Jeremy stripping down to his undies on stage. I remember several years ago when he was on tour with The Strokes and friends in other cities were talking about the opening act and I was all, "Um, he's from here and he was banned from the State Fair for that shit." AWESOME.
  • LCD Soundsystem: Dance Yrself Clean (This Is Happening)
    Shocked to see I voted for not one, but two, Top 10 songs.
  • The National: England (High Violet)
  • The New Pornographers: Crash Years (Together)
  • Spoon: Trouble Comes Running (Transference)
  • The Walkmen: Angela Surf City (Lisbon)
My favorite albums generally overlap. Though, there were some instances, as with Har Mar Superstar, where I loved the single, but the album didn't make my list. Then, there's The Roots, for example -- I fucking love that album, but none of the singles really made me nuts. So, here, without further ado, and in no particular order, my Top 10 albums of 2010:
  • Brendan Benson: My Old, Familiar Friend
    Not much to say about Brendan Benson, other than he writes the most perfect pop songs. I can't believe I've only managed to see him live one time, and that was with The Raconteurs.
  • Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record
    Hands down the best rock show I saw in 2010. It was probably the best rock show I'd seen since BSS was in town in 2008. They are absolutely amazing live. I saw them for the first time in 2004 at the 400 Bar and they were great. But I forgot about them a bit. Eventually, they came back and they rocked my world and I've spent the last two years wondering how I spent about four years not realizing the absolute fucking awesomeness that is Broken Social Scene.
  • The National: High Violet
    Finally broke down and went to see The National this year. I've liked them for years, but I just didn't think they'd be good live. Man, was I wrong. It was a great show. I also really liked this album about 50 percent more than their previous albums, which I enjoyed immensely.
  • The New Pornographers: Together
    Disappointing live show, but it wasn't their fault. We'd heard they had a problem with their tour bus on the stop before. Working theory is they got to town late and didn't have time for a sound check. That would explain things, anyway. Still, NEKO CASE was there. That's all I really care about, quite frankly. I'm still generally skipping the Destroyer songs (I swear, they get worse every album), but I've even enjoyed the crap out of the songs on which Neko didn't sing lead.
  • Spoon: Transference
    What can I say? A great album from one of my very favorite bands. They played a great show at the Basilica Block Party. Outdoor music is great, but this show felt a little extra special for some reason.
  • The Walkmen: Lisbon
    I went on and on to anyone who would listen about how I couldn't understand why all of a sudden everyone loved The Walkmen. I've loved them for years. I still don't get it, but it's a great album.
  • Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    I was ready to not like this album at all. There was too much hype, for one thing. Secondly, Bon Iver is on it. DO NOT LIKE. And yet, it's a great album. It absolutely lives up to the hype. That crazy motherfucker can make some good goddamn music.
  • Big Boi: Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty
    In the world of Outkast, I've always been partial to Andre 3000 over Big Boi, so I didn't really think I'd love this album. However, I was wrong. It is great.
  • The Roots: How I Got Over
    A great album by one of my favorite bands. I mean, if they can make Joanna Newsome sound not hateful and make Jimmy Fallon tolerable, they have superpowers as far as I'm concerned.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Beat The Devil's Tattoo
    I really wanted to put them on the singles list, but my favorite song on the album wasn't a single. I think this was the first show I went to in 2010, and they didn't disappoint. I took Macho Man with me and realized once while he was away at the loo that sometimes, I'd just rather go to shows alone. It's been so long since I went to a show alone, I forgot how it just put me and the music there together.


Anonymous said...

i like going to blues concerts myself as opposed to with other people. they are too distracting for me to "fall into the music", as i like to put it. not too much blues action in massachusetts tho, so it's kind of a moot point.

Sarah said...

this whole list is the reason I love you. At least, one reason among many.