30 January 2011

This is not working out in my favor.

Yesterday, my sister and I went in for our bridesmaid dress fittings. My mom had said she would pay for our alterations, so score. I ended up deciding to go with shoes I already had, so that was also going to save me some money. Yay!

Except, once I got my dress on with the shoes (no easy task, mind you, as I was wearing my god-awful bra and the dress is all foofy), it was clear that I couldn't wear those shoes. My sister said the dress looked borderline tea-length. Awesome!

So, now I have to buy shoes. I hate buying shoes. Finding a pair of flats that will fit me correctly is going to be a nightmare. I have really narrow heels, so regular shoes tend to not stay on in the back. I find something with an ankle strap usually works much better. But whatever. I ordered a crazy, red, sequined pair from Zappos. Hopefully those will work and I'll be done with this thing, anyway.

Now it's on to figuring out my makeup. Hair was kind of decided at my appointment on Friday, as were my nails. Or, at least I thought I had my nails figured out. However, my sister and aunts were being so ridiculous about the positively horrific idea that I was considering black nail polish that I've scrapped the funky silver I tried out and I will be wearing black. One of my aunts said, "Black? Are you going to wear black lipstick, too?" The word "goth" was thrown around a few times, too.

Honest to fucking Christ. Do these people not know that black nail polish is actually fashionable and hip now? I no longer have to buy it at Hot Topic or opt for Wet 'n' Wild. OPI makes a black polish, for fuck's sake. Besides, this glittery silver is the lightest shade of nail polish I've worn in probably 15 years. I don't do anything but dark shades -- usually so dark people sometimes think it's black.

With that decided, I think I'll have to make a visit to the MAC store to get some new makeup. I mean I have what I need to do a smokey eye and neutral lip, but what if there's something out there that would be better? I CAN'T NOT KNOW.

I had more to write, but I have laundry to which I need to attend, pumpkin bread in the oven and a shower to take. I should probably attend to those things. A new work week is approaching. Unfortunately, the only thing waiting for me at the end is a weekend without The Boy I Currently Like and a bachelorette party. Sweet, merciful crap.


The Lissst! said...

Who's getting married.
...and even I knew black nail polish is hip and in.
Isn't it?

Jess said...

My only brother is getting married.