10 January 2011

Once again, I am a winner!

I'm wreckin' shit over at I Dislike Your Favorite Team.

Once again, I've won Andrew Wice's NFL Pick 'Em. I believe this year, I'm getting a book from his collection. I already own his novel, To The Last Drop, and I won a TLTD t-shirt. He ran out of novel-related shit to give me, so last year for the playoff pick 'em, I won a random item from his house (The Simpsons Trivia game).

But that's not all! There's another IDYFT pick 'em contest. After coming very close a few times, I FINALLY WON THIS YEAR! Do you know what this mean? I get a statue of Jesus playing football with some stupid kids. It will so nicely compliment my basketball version of the statue.

I've informed Big Blue Monkey that I will raise hell should I have to wait as long for the Jebus football statue as I had to wait for the Jebus basketball statue.

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