31 January 2011

Oh hi, snow. I remember you.

It seems like ages since we had a snow emergency. In fact, it's only been about a month. Given the number we had earlier on in the winter, though, it does seem like it's been quite some time. And sure, we're getting several inches, but calling it "storm central?" That seems like a bit much. You'd think there'd be something else to sensationalize, but I guess this is easy.

My commutes took maybe 20 minutes longer total (to and from work). The bus was on time tonight. Doesn't seem too stormy to me.

Despite the "storm," I managed to head out to see W&J's new house and have some dinner and drinks with W at The Bulldog. It's always lovely to have some girl time. Come to think of it, this is my second Monday night in a row having dinner out with one of my lady friends. Yay!

I had the special burger -- with Brie, tomato jam and pickled red onions. But my very first bite was all pepper. It was very weird. There were a couple of additional peppery bites, but nothing like that first. There were some clearly unseasoned bites, as well. That made me figure that it was a mixing issue. Either way, it was a lovely evening.

Now I can go back to freaking out about my performance review tomorrow. It's in the late afternoon, which makes everything so much more awesome.

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