04 January 2011

Not as bad as it could have been.

It is the time of the Resolutionaries (a term dropped by The Boy I Currently Like in an e-mail yesterday ... why didn't I think of that?) at the gym. But you know, it wasn't too bad. I got a full workout in and didn't have to wait for anything. Just due to good timing, I'm sure; but still, it made me happy.

The New Years Resolutioners were still around. I think many of them were going to classes (yoga's going to be a bitch when I finally decide on a class and go back). Many others were doing the typical Resolutionary thing --wandering around, talking (at least 50 percent are in pairs/couples), not really doing much of anything. I saw a couple of girls come in, wander around for a bit, then leave. What's the point of that? They had fucking folders with them. You brought your folders -- clearly you have a plan. I can't imagine you need a bunch of papers to tell you to wander aimlessly about the gym for 10 minutes, then leave. But what do I know?

I'm really amazed I didn't have to wait for anything -- not even a treadmill. But the treadmills were full still when I left at almost 9:00. At least there wasn't a line the entire time.

Besides all the couples and pairs wandering around, there were other tell-tale signs it was very early January. People getting on a bike for five minutes. Those who spend their time fiddling with their iPod or other music device. A messy-ass lockerroom (no poo, blood or pee anywhere, though. YAY!). And of course, shitloads of people I've never seen before.

I'm glad the gym was decent, because work was not. It wasn't terrible, but man, it will be soon. Chicken Little is going to drive me to drink (more than he does already). I don't want to think about that now, though. I have to finish watching the Gopher game (while avoiding most of the Interwebs) and then take a shower. I am smelly.

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