02 January 2011

Last night of vacation.

I'm still torn as to whether or not I'm glad I have an extra day off tomorrow. On the one hand, I'll be so very glad to start back with a short week. On the other hand, I'm starting to really feel like I need to get back to my routine.

To try to have some sort of happy medium, I've been trying to do an approximation of my normal Sunday routine. I went to the gym this morning (after sleeping entirely too late), did laundry and I'm now cooking (lentil tacos). Still gonna get drunk, though. I mean, it's the last night of vacation, for fuck's sake!

Before I finally headed out to the gym late this morning, I was feeling crazy down. I don't know that it's necessarily the holiday let-down, because I don't give much of a crap about Christmas. It could be some sort of vacation let-down, though, I guess.

I did have some really awesome post-Christmas fun this year, once again. There was the now-traditional pre-New-Year's-Eve sushi happy hour with KayGee and the Prison Librarian (which has expanded to include whoever wants to show up and hours and hours of drinking). New Year's Eve kicked much ass again this year.

The let-down could have been hormonal. Maybe it's the impending return to work. Maybe it's the ridiculous cold (though, it's actually up to 15 degrees now, which is the highest I've seen the mercury today); or the knowledge that I have a wedding shower, bachelorette party and wedding on the horizon. Whatever the precise reason, a good workout got rid of most of those bad feelings.

One kind-of-plus to the impending wedding stuff means that I'll have even more time off in the next two months. Of course, I will have to spend some of that time I believe that with our once-again-revised holiday schedule, we are back to having Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and President's Day off after having to work on both days last year. I was considering taking my birthday off (it's on a Friday!), but I have the following Monday off for the aforementioned President's Day. I'll also be off that Friday for the wedding. I was considering taking the Monday after the wedding off, but ... I feel weird taking a "bunch" of time off early in the year, but if I do that, I may not have to take pantloads of time at the end of the year.

Even with all of the gross weddingness/family stuff, I have plenty of things to look forward to in the coming weeks. There is playoff football, more NCAA basketball than you can shake a stick at, my birthday, Timberwolves basketball, Elbow's new album, The Boy I Currently Like's birthday, the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras (I'm not eating any King Cake until someone gets the damn baby this year), and shit ... if I'm looking that far out, BASEBALL! Bring it on, 2011!


Chocolate Covered Bacon said...

If i have my vacation, I would love to get a breakfast of bacon and egg, paired with hot chocolate drink. I feel at home if I ate bacon, this is very delicious for me. Thanks!

openemr said...

I have my last vacation in my grandmother's farm. We have a small family reunion since it was her 92nd birthday. Everyone was so happy to see all the relatives. It was like 5 years ago that I was able to attend the family reunion.