27 January 2011

If you want to do some shopping on Saturday ...

I stopped in to Belle Weather today to buy a shower gift for SILTB and found out she is having a Grand Opening on Saturday.

There will be treats and wine. June, which is next door, is having an open house and Twin Town Guitars is having a sale, too.

I've wanted to go into June for a while, despite the fact that I can neither afford nor wear designer clothes, resale or not. However, I worked with the owner at the Minnesota Daily back in the day, and I'd like to say hi.

Now that I go to June's site, I see El Meson and Crema are getting in on the action, too. I gotta say, my neighborhood is rocking both to the north and the south. Though, I must admit, I've yet to visit El Meson and Crema. I've wanted to visit both for ages, though (as long as I've lived here, I guess).

This was just the thing I needed to get a renewed love for my 'hood. I'm hoping I have some time Saturday when I get back to town to pop in for a visit. I've been to Belle Weather three times since it opened two months ago. Tonight, I bought an apron for SILTB. I found out that the shop owner's mom made it from an irregular prom dress. When I bought a bracelet for my aunt last month, she told me her sister made it. She's got some neat shit, y'all.

I'm really glad I can shop local, and shop awesome.

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