20 January 2011

Gonna make it.

I was really pissed that the city took a day off from whatever fucking bullshit they are doing to my street to make sure I had to park a couple of blocks away on the coldest night of the year. Work has been annoying as fuck. There may be other stuff. Oh, that whole swollen, bruised ass thing.

But! It's only -8 with a -23 windchill right now. How much worse can it get in the depths of the night? My ass swelling was down this morning. I even managed a halfway decent workout tonight. Thursday night shows are back. Plus, THE PIXIES are coming! I love that we are on their Canadian tour.

Debating about going to yoga after work tomorrow. Leaving my gym bag in the car will make for horribly frozen clothing. I don't like the idea of changing at the gym when my undies don't hide all of my ass bruising. Plus, I'm wiped. But I know how great I felt after that ass-kicking class a couple of weeks ago.

I'll figure it out. All that matters is that tomorrow is Friday and I've almost successfully made it through the week. Things can only get better from here, dammit.

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