17 January 2011

Bet you didn't know Old Navy made cranky pants.

Sure, they may look like black dress pants, or gray yoga pants (or even Target workout pants), but all the pants I've been wearing today have been cranky pants. I'm ready to take them off, but I'd get cold. So what can you do?

January is starting to get to me. I hate it so much. Having to work today when everyone I know was off did not help matters. People were posting lovely MLK-related things on Facebook; The Current was playing important music and paying tribute. Even the Wolves had a special intro. But I was thinking about work. Thanks, Corporate Overlords.

That can't possibly be the only reason to be wearing the cranky pants. Oh no. There are plenty. We've had a couple of two-inch snowfalls and the streets are a fucking mess. The city must be going to do something about it, because on Thursday, there were signs saying no parking on my street on Friday. Except, when I came home from work Friday (I left early to miss a horrendous commute -- traffic on my street was backed up and crawling by until after 7:00) the signs all said Tuesday. That would be great if tomorrow was going to be as warm as today. But it'll be 5ish degrees when I walk two blocks to my cold car.

It won't even be that cold tomorrow morning, considering what's coming. There are a few -9 lows on tap in coming days. Again, not as bad as the last couple of Sunday mornings when it was double digits below zero. Though, I didn't go outside until mid-afternoon those days and it had warmed up to the teens. So today, everything is slushy, dirty, wet and gross. Then everything will freeze and be awful. Delightful.

Chicken Little comes back to work tomorrow after a few days off. It's been blissful with him not trying to push me into a panic. While he was gone, everything went swimmingly. I've been busy, but not at all overwhelmed. I'll probably be just as busy now that he's back, but totally stressed out as I'm beginning to think that is his job.

There's some hormonal shit added to the crabby cocktail, too. I'm pretty sure Shark Week is on a two-week rotation. And that is fucking bullshit. I manage to get maybe a couple days here and there with halfway decent skin and not feeling bloated and/or exhausted. I'm hoping this is just another part of my body getting used to my IUD (after a year) and that it passes.

I'm hoping that once I get past Monday-in-a-Hat that things will start looking up. In the meantime, I have plenty of wine.


leiamarie82 said...

I think you were wearing smartypants when you wrote this. Which are, of course, the best and most comfortable kind of pants.

Jess said...

It's a miracle I'm wearing pants at all.

FreeFlying said...

Ah, yes. The lovely "I'm going to get warm enough to go all melty and make everything muddy and covered in after snow salt" move. Then it freezes it like it's encasing the disgustingness in glass for posterity. Isn't the winter just a heart warming time?

p.s. I saw you on Leia's page and figured that since she's funny and she thinks you're funny, I'd think you're funny too. We were right!

Jess said...

Yeah, I'm really enjoying the ice today.

Thanks for the lovely words, though.