03 January 2011

At least I accomplished something?

Tomorrow I go back to work after being off for two weeks (plus one day). I actually worked a couple of hours each Tuesday I was off and checked e-mail every day our office was open -- often multiple times (I just checked it now, for Christ's sake). So, I wasn't totally divorced from work, but it was nice to not have to go to the office.

I had all of these grand plans for my vacation -- lots of baking, working out, running errands, drinking with friends, reading my backlog of comics from The Boy I Currently Like, cleaning and other little things around the house.

The baking wasn't a complete loss, I guess. I made banana bread, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, Irish soda bread and cookies (I really need to write about my new cookbook. I'm already in love). The only day I skipped the gym when I intended to go was New Year's Eve, because I was a little hung over and quite frankly, feeling lazy (at least I didn't wake up drunk this year!). I actually had pretty great workouts, save for New Year's Eve Eve, when the power went out and we all got kicked out. I was only there about 45 minutes, but at least I got there in time to work out.

The errand running was accomplished, now that I think about it. The only thing I didn't do was hit Penzey's to get red pepper flake. That's actually okay, because I now realize I need a bunch of other stuff from there. Drinking with friends happened, too. The only things I really didn't do was full-scale cleaning and the other little things around the house (cleaning a couple of cast iron skillets for The Boy and seasoning them with all of my cast iron cookware). And I did get through a few comics.

With everything all written out here, I feel better about not being completely useless. On New Year's Day, I told The Boy my one big accomplishment over vacation was clearing a lot of stuff from my DVR. He managed to make it sound like an actual accomplishment. He's the best.

Once I go back to work tomorrow, I hope to be back on a normal eating schedule. I was on my weekend eating schedule for about 75 percent of my vacation. That means waking up and drinking coffee, having a piece of peanut butter toast before I head to the gym around midday. After the gym I might eat some sort of Luna bar, or I might have a bowl of cereal when I get home. If I had an actual dinner, it was because I was eating with other people. Ugh.

However, last night I made lentil tacos that should feed me in the evenings for the coming week and tonight I made andouille with collard greens and grits, which will serve as my lunch the rest of the week. I even saved some of the collard green cooking water to use in my minestrone I'll be making over the weekend. SWEET!

All in all, the return to routine will be good, I suppose. Though, I will not be happy when that alarm goes off tomorrow morning. SAD.


The Lissst! said...

I tried posting a comment earlier but my computer kicked me out.
I'll just say...Nice post. It was your best yet. I could be constructive and tell you why...but I'm not firing on all cylinders today. I'm enjoy reading your posts. I'm not a creepy blog stalker I swear. Well, maybe just a little. Blog stalker that is.

Jess said...

That's very nice of you to say. Perhaps it was good because I proofread and spell checked it?

The Lissst! said...

Maybe...yes....no...yes...no wait...what are you trying to say?