08 December 2010

Well, that's nice.

Found out today we're getting an extra day off over the holidays. Actually, it's for next year. Apparently, December 31 counts as 2011, as well, since it was to be our observation of New Year's.

The thing I'm most excited about is that I will be able to have my first weekday workout of the new year during the day, thus putting off my fight with the New Year's Resolutioners by one day. Then again, I'm not entirely sure how much worse things can get. It's 7:30 before a treadmill will open up and stay open for more than a couple of minutes. At least that is the case Monday through Wednesday. I've not been able to get an elliptical machine in I don't know how long.

None of this has mattered all that much this week, since I've been sick. I've kept my workouts in the 30-50 minute range and I've only been on the treadmill and bike. I think doing something without pushing myself has really helped with the cold. That's my theory, anyway. I'm still congested and still coughing, but I've not once coughed myself into a headache. Dizziness, sure; but no headaches. That's a victory for me.

I'm still exhausted, of course. When I don't get home from the gym until around 9:00, it's tough for me to get into bed before 11:30, no matter how tired I am. And I've been loading up on cold meds so I sleep. I've been knocked the fuck out, but I don't think it's quality sleep. It's a trade-off, I guess.

However! Only one more day of work this week. Tomorrow night I'm hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like, as he's been off work all week. It feels ever so decadent. And if I manage to get a nap, it'll be ever better.

Shit. This Wolves game is fucking close. Gotta go.

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