28 December 2010

We are (not exactly) the champions!

The game isn't over, but The Bob Saget Fan Club is up by 19 points on a team that won't score any more points this week, so I think it's safe to say, I have once again won money in fantasy football.

Like the other years I've missed out on the championship game, I've scored enough in my third-place game to outscore both participants in the Super Bowl. God. DAMMIT.

Still, a third-place finish from a stitched together (so described by The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend ... or possibly by The Boy I Currently Like) team with an 8-7 record is pretty sweet. I mean, there were a few weeks where I was starting the third-string running backs from Carolina and Indianapolis. My quarterback was benched a few games ago. The quarterback I drafted was out after the first game of the season.

I may or may not have laid much of the blame on The Boy I Currently Like last year for my first-ever non-playoff season. Whether he deserves it or not will forever be a question. Either way, I do so enjoy needling him for it. I was even doing it as recently as last night. It's not like he doesn't know what he's talking about -- he's in very good shape to win his Super Bowl tonight. And he wins a lot more money than I do. He even gets his money!

There was some talk on the league message board of getting people to pay up. I finished second two years ago and was still essentially playing with house money this year. Our fee was $50 and I had $48 due to me. I've got an additional $120 coming to me this year, for winning the division (finally, I was in the shitty division!) and finishing third. I doubt I'll see my money, but that means I'm playing for free the next two years. So, yay for that.

Now, I'll have to spend the next several months deciding who my keepers will be. We only get two, and I actually know that one will be Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Williams. I took him with the very last pick in the draft, which makes him something like a free pick. My other keeper ... man, I don't know. We can't keep anyone from the first three rounds. Not a problem for me, because my first three picks were busts. I'm not sure there is really anyone else in there worth keeping. Eh, I've got months to ponder the issue.

For now, I shall enjoy my third-place finish. YAY Bob Saget Fan Club!

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