16 December 2010

So much for that "one more day" thing.

Sounds like I'll not only have to be checking in while I'm out the next two weeks, but I'll definitely have to work next week and possibly the week after. Allegedly, it's just a little tracking thing, but it's still working while I'm on vacation. Again.

I don't necessarily have to go to the office, but I probably will, because I only have access to web mail because there's something wrong with my remote connection and IT just will not fucking help me to fix it. Thanks, jerks.

But whatever. I'm mostly off, I guess. I'm totally leaving early tomorrow, too. Not that I want to get to family time early, but the sooner I leave work, the sooner I get to start drinking and playing with dogs. I'll need that down time before SILTB's shower. I'm not sure how to tell them that I'm clocking out at 8:30 to watch the Wolves. I'm not sure I'll even be able to get a TV to watch the Wolves. And these fuckers wonder why I don't want to spend time at the farm.

Things are still mostly good, though. I'm just waiting on one more Christmas present to arrive and I only need to buy a couple of additional small gifts. I intend to get those early next week at I Like You. Though, after my sister's little screed about all the shitty gifts she's received over the last couple of years, I'm tempted to just get her a Target gift card. She gave the screed when we were talking about our plan to just buy little gifts for each other, instead of not doing anything this year.

In addition to getting another package from Amazon before I left for work (this one was even for me!), I came home to two boxes from popchips! I loves me some popchips! I totally bought some the other day at Target, because they were on sale. The lovely people at popchips! are ridiculously generous -- I got a couple of packages from them last year.

Alas, my bras from Fredericks didn't arrive today. I was really hoping they would. I'm in desperate need of new bras and there was a sale last week. Of course, the 30 percent off was only for in-stock merchandise and there was only one color of bra in my size that I wanted (yeah, no thanks on the teal). I ordered another one anyway (they were cheaper if you ordered two), in the hopes that going up a band size and down a cup size might work. Though, I doubt it will. But at least then I can exchange it in a few weeks when stuff is back in stock. *crosses fingers*

Shit. How did it get to be 9:00 already? I have to shower (and shave) and pack yet tonight. At least I got my cookies all squared away. I still have so many left. I think I'll have to do some sharing next week. But I also want to do some more baking -- I bought two big cans of pumpkin at Rainbow tonight. Yay, pumpkin bread!

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