27 December 2010

Second verse, same as the first.

Week Two of vacation seems to be starting out much the same as Week One. Except I didn't go to the gym today. Oh, and I don't have to spend time with my family this week. I hung out with The Boy I Currently Like yesterday, so I didn't get home until like, 3:30 today. I try very hard to not work out in the evenings when I am on vacation.

The Boy and I exchanged Christmas gifts last night. In one sense, it was very Gift-of-the-Magi, because we got each other The Kids in the Hall Complete Series Megaset. When I ordered it for him, I had a very strong inkling that he might end up getting me the same thing. When I saw my gifts on the ottoman, I was about 98 percent certain.

He opened his first and laughed, but didn't actually give anything away. I opened mine last and couldn't hide that I had a feeling it was coming. It's an AWESOME gift. I've wanted it it for years. We started in on it last night and made a pact that we will tell each other what we watch, so we don't have to be repeating episodes when we're together unless we want to do that. And even if it is Gift of the Magi-y, I didn't have to cut off my hair and he didn't have to do whatever the guy did in the story (we couldn't remember).

In addition to the KitH awesomeness, he got me My First Bacon. It is delightful, y'all. I kept randomly making it talk all night and this morning. I fully intend to call him while he's at work at least once this week, and leave "I'm bacon. I'm bacon. I'm bacon." on his voicemail. And I will giggle my ass off while doing it.

I'd rather not talk about the two-pound bag of Jelly Belly's. If I leave them in the cupboard for a couple days it will be for the best. But they're so good. He did a great job. A really great job. I'm just waiting for the Wolves to finish and football to be over so I can watch the Sausages sketch. It creeps The Boy out.

Tomorrow will bring some work (though, I did start it late this afternoon). I also have to go to the gym, run errands and all that. Fortunately, I have fun stuff going on this week -- hanging out with Law Talkin' Gal to exchange gifts, sushi happy hour and other New Year's Eve Eve activities with KayGee, The Prison Librarian and W (and hopefully others), and of course, New Year's Eve. Apologies in advance, liver. But what better way to end the year and my last week of vacation than drinking and eating with many of the most awesome people I know in the world? Besides, I will have more baked goods to pawn off on people.


Anonymous said...

i think the Boy would have had to sell his pocket watch that you bought the chain for. it's been a while, don't hold me to it.

Jess said...

That sounds about right. We did remember cutting the hair and the fancy hair combs, which seemed like enough at the time.

Stacey said...

Yeah, if memory serves, he sold his pocket watch to buy her a comb for her hair, which she had cut off to buy a chain for the pocket watch (that he sold to buy her . . .).