29 December 2010

Not exactly photoblogging.

However, I have a few random pictures and I'm going to base a blog post on them. So there.


These deathcicles are located over my deck. Thankfully, I can't even get out to my deck, so I don't have to worry about these impaling me. However, there are deathcicles on the other side of the house as well. These deathcicles live directly over my only path to the rear of the building. This is where I need to go to do laundry and to take my trash out. I'm a little concerned about walking that path, to say the least.

While I was showering this afternoon, I heard some HORRIBLE noises coming from outside. Shit was crashing down from a considerable height. I thought someone threw a large object down the stairs from the back upstairs apartment. Or possibly that a person threw him or herself down. When I went to take my recycling out a short time ago (more on that later), I saw that some of the deathcicles had fallen. There was at least one that was the size of my thigh. And my thighs ain't little, y'all. On my return trip, I went two doors down via the alley and walked through a parking lot. No deathcicles there. So, if I mysteriously stop blogging, someone should drive by and make sure I'm not impaled by an enormous icicle.

Okay, back to the recycling. I've not taken it out in a while.

This is what happens when you drink a lot of Bota Boxes and use an enormous bag for your recyclables. That bag held my meals from Let's Dish! They are huge. Crazily enough, it didn't break on the way out to the trash. Whew! I'm pretty proud of myself for actually bundling up my cardboard for once. Yay Earth!

Speaking of the Bota Box, I've decided to bring one with me for New Year's Eve. Last year, I took a bottle of organic, sulfite-free wine. It didn't last long and that shit just ain't me. Since I don't have to make a first (or mostly second) impression this time, I figure it's better to bring more decent wine, than one bottle of snooty wine. I don't even think it was very good.

And speaking of New Year's Eve, I've been trying out eye makeup schemes the last couple of nights. I thought the super smoky eye I did today was just too much, but the picture doesn't look too crazy slutty/raccoon eyed. At least I don't think so. I was going to do my nails, too, but man, I don't have the energy to do that tonight.

I still have some time tomorrow before heading out for sushi happy hour. I'll try another option and maybe even get my nails done. HA! I'll be lucky if I get to the gym, for Christ's sake.


Anonymous said...

i think the eye makeup is totally appropriate for New Year's.

Jess said...

Thanks. It doesn't look nearly as slutty/raccoon-y in that picture as it does in my mirror.

Still, I'm probably going to tone it down a bit. It'll be a long night and I just can't keep stuff in place on my greasy-ass mug.