03 December 2010

A nice snowy night in Minneapolis

Sure, I've been awake since roughly 3:30 this morning (possibly 2:30, I'm really not sure). And sure, it took me all of four days back in the office to get sick again. My sinuses have felt like they're going to collapse on themselves. But it's better than coughing all the time.

Fortunately, even though I didn't get the full day off (those three extra days turned into -1 days. AWESOME), I was able to spend the afternoon at home. Since I was up at well before the asscrack of dawn, I was able to go into the office about an hour earlier than normal, which meant I could leave an hour earlier. That meant I got to Walgreens for sinus meds, the grocery store and home right before the snow started falling.

Once home, I put on yoga pants immediately. But I also made cookie dough, ate lunch and drank a beer before I finally hunkered down on the couch for a too-short nap. Thanks for calling to see if I was home, Mom.

Now, here it is 9:00 and I've read some comics, cleared some stuff off my DVR, done dishes and made a test batch of cookies in preparation for the Holiday Cookie Exchange next weekend. I think they're better than the first batch I made. I'm not entirely sure I used the same recipe, but I'll be using this one in the future. I even tried to make uniform-sized cookies to get an idea of how many batches of dough I'll need to make to get enough for the exchange. It's looking like 10ish dozen at this point, and that means three batches, with some leftover. I'm sure The Boy I Currently Like and my sister and nephew will be devastated to have even more extra cookies to take off my hands.

Oh sure -- there are more things I could do. I could give the floors a once-over with my new stick vac (my one after-Thanksgiving cheap-ass purchase. How could I turn down a $9 Dirt Devil that can do my rugs and the hardwood floors, plus converts to a dustbuster? Nice to see it's $20 on the Dirt Devil website and Target said the original price was $28). I could clean the sink and tub in the bathroom. I could make Irish soda bread. There were probably some other things I was thinking of that I could do, but those are plenty of options.

But I've been sort of productive and I'm snug in my apartment on a snowy night. You know, when I don't have to go anywhere until tomorrow afternoon, it's actually quite pretty and enjoyable. I love how the sounds of cars passing on the street outside are so muffled. And it's so bright out there. Since it isn't blowing, I can actually go out on my deck to see how much snow is there. I mean, I could if I wanted to. It looks like at least three inches at this point. Or the last time I looked out there.

I hope my fellow Twin Citians are safe and warm tonight.


Reuben said...

If I were a woman, I think I would always wear yoga pants. Perhaps with a pair of very short shorts over the top.

What's the male equivalent of yoga pants? For the past 10 years I've totally been into wearing sweat pants, with the elastic cut off the bottoms, and shorts over the top. The shorts are medium length, of course.

Jess said...

I can't believe I never got around to responding to this.

I'm a little disappointed, if I'm honest with you, Reuben. I mean, if you're wearing sweat pants, why not go old school with short shorts over them? To be clear, I'm talking '80s NBA short shorts, here. Still the retro delight and mild shock, but with little to no chance of accidental junk sightings. It's the best of all worlds!