01 December 2010

It shouldn't be starting this early.

Not the ridiculous retail Christmas hype cycle -- that ship sailed many years ago. Sure, it keeps getting earlier and earlier every year. But ... whatever.

I'm talking about this holiday family angst that has beset me. With all the wedding bullshit dovetailing in so fucking nicely [/sarcasm], it seems as if my family is all up in the holiday discussion earlier than normal. Or perhaps I'm more involved in it this year, since the 'rents are hosting my dad's side of the family's Christmas.

Whatever the reason, I don't know. But I've spent the last couple of days alternately raging or crying about the time I'll have to spend with my family and all the bullshit I'm going to be subject to over the next month or so. Oh, but it won't stop there -- because the wedding stuff starts right after. Actually, the first shower is the night before my dad's side of the family's Christmas.

Please kill me. Now.

There will, of course, be questions about why I'm not coming for this or why I'm not staying Christmas Day or why don't I come down to the farm with some of that time I have off? I'm currently trying to figure out how to answer those questions. I'm thinking about the truth -- I need my space and the less time I have to spend with you people between now and the wedding, the better we will all get along.

Did no one notice how much family relations (at least where I was concerned) improved when I moved to North fucking Carolina? I mean, wouldn't you rather spend less time with a fun, pleasant me than spend more time with a surly-as-fuck me? The answer seems clear. But then again, I'm a dumbass.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Minnesota.
Did anyone comment?
There still is bacon?

Christmas begins on December 1 last several years, and it should last until March. Take it easy, baby ;)

Whose wedding? ¿?¿?¿?¿?

Obviously I'd like to spend less time with a pleasant you.

Take care of yourself and your divine body :DDDDD
Greetings from the ass of the world.