19 December 2010

Holiday procrastination.

I'm actually in fairly good shape, gift-wise, this year. I've got two left to buy for actual Christmas and I intend to do that tomorrow. The Boy I Currently Like's last couple of gift components arrived Thursday and part two of Law Talkin' Gal's present arrived while I was at home this weekend.

While I'm doing pretty good on actually purchasing the gifts (I even got my cousin's present out to her almost a week ago), the wrapping of presents and mailing of holiday cards are things I'm just really not interested in doing right now. Putting off the gift wrapping for tomorrow just makes sense, since I can sit down and do them all at once.

I really should do the cards, or they'll start showing up after Christmas, but well, they are holiday cards; and frankly, I'm just not mentally in the right place to do it right this moment.

This weekend absolutely drained me. I barely slept Thursday night and then had to head down to the farm after work Friday for SILTB's shower. I was yelled at essentially as soon as I walked in the door and shit kind of went downhill from there. Having to sleep in the living room with my sister and nephew made for Even More Fatigue. Last night, The Boy kept me up until ... oh, probably 4:00 at least. It's a miracle I'm actually sitting up to type this blog post, quite frankly. I almost fell asleep a couple of hours ago.

You know what? I'm on vacation. I can take today off from doing shit. I probably won't even do my goddamn dishes. KayGee and I are trying to get an earlyish start tomorrow to visit I Like You to finish up our shopping (though, I'm not ruling out another visit to Belle Weather). That should give me plenty of time to wrap presents, write out some cards, do my dishes and maybe even bake a little.

Oh! I forgot a present -- I fully intend to stop in to A Pets Place, to get a little something for my favorite dog in the whole wide world. But I can hit that after I leave the gym one of these days this week.

KayGee and I are starting early tomorrow because, hooray-hooray: we're in for another five to eight inches of snow over the afternoon and evening. Plus, the Vikings are playing at the Bank, so I want to stay entirely away from the campus-Northeast part of town as much as possible tomorrow.

Right now, I'm not going to worry about the couple of hours of work I have to do on Tuesday. That's like, 36 hours away. And I'm really not going to worry about the family time I have coming up later this week. It shouldn't be too bad, really. I'll be drinking, baking and cooking and all that. I'm not going to lie, though, I have thought a bit about New Year's Eve, though. Mostly: what will I wear? Sounds like it'll be Part Two of last year's NYE, except in a different house and I won't be meeting everyone for the first time. I imagine that will make it all that much more fun. Yay!

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The Lissst! said...

I can totally relate!
I lied
I totally can't. I horrible at shopping and haven't bought anything yet. But I am from Minnesota. Well, Mankato Actually. My entire family live in Shaska and say Mankato doesn't count.

I'll stop rambling. Love your blog

Go Vikes!